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Vets on Animal Reiki: The Power of Animal Reiki Healing in Veterinary Practice

This groundbreaking book explores how Animal Reiki helps support veterinarians in their quest to heal their animal patients. Who better to bridge the gap between Animal Reiki and scientific understanding than highly trained and experienced veterinarians? The personal and powerful testimonials of the vets included in this book will inspire you to incorporate Animal Reiki into an animal’s treatment plan. As the variety of perspectives in this book demonstrates, Animal Reiki can provide an ethical and seamless way to incorporate holistic support without interfering with traditional protocols. Thus, having ethically trained Animal Reiki practitioners offering Reiki to patients is a valuable asset for any veterinarian’s practice.

“Worth the read if you are a vet, vet tech or work with vets or have a vet. Animal Reiki applied told by those who are doing it. I bought 9 copies and have given away almost all of them to my vets and a rehab vet….all who are now incorporating Reiki into their practices.”
—Amazon Review

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More Praise:

“Being a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Reiki 2 Practitioner, I have been working to incorporate Reiki into my daily work with animals and have been seeing great results. I set an intention prior to entering a room with a pet and before and after surgeries and treatments and have noticed animals are more relaxed. This book provided a lot of good information about how Reiki is being used by veterinarians in practice and how to try and introduce it to clients and veterinarians which I have been a bit hesitant to do, being fairly new at it. It gave me some good ideas of how to offer Reiki and how to best explain what it is in a way that clients can understand. It is very exciting to see how Reiki is being used in so many human and animal hospitals and animal shelters for the greatest of all good!”

“Just finished reading this important book and found it so very informative. Kathleen Prasad, President of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), interviews 4 established vets using Animal Reiki in their work with their animal clients and sometimes, the people who care for them.
The addition of this book to Kathleen’s long list of successful and informative books and manuals will create an opening for discussion of the effects of complementary therapies in a previously hard to reach community. I enjoyed reading the personal journeys each doctor made to begin including Reiki in their vet practice. The examples of Reiki with their patients are compelling. Compassion fills their work and informs their decisions for the animal’s highest good. I would happily take my animals to any of these vets.
In addition, Kathleen asks each vet how practitioners can best approach their local vets to establish a connection and offer Reiki. Their answers are thoughtful and informative as they outline what would work best.”

—Kelly M.

“The common thread here is that the future of how we care for our animals certainly DOES involve Reiki as a support to veterinary medicine. This book is a MUST READ for all animal people, Reiki practitioners and veterinarians. Kathleen yet again has come out with a well researched, well written and well structured book that makes the information so approachable. Thanks so much for all you do for the animals!”

“A Great resource for insights into “The Power of Animal Reiki Healing in Veterinary Practice”! Through Interviews with Vets and stories of healing among animals, The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) shares an amazing depth of knowledge and understanding into a way of gentle, loving, healing, and compassionate care for Animals. This book reads easily, a bonus for the busy lives of those who care for animals, and concludes with a powerful Code of Ethics for the Animal Reiki Practitioner. Your heart will be touched with the love for animals shared throughout the world.”
—B. Hunter

“If you had any doubts about what Reiki is orthe benefits of Reiki in humans and animals this book will give you the answers you seek from the experiences from Vets in and outside of the US. Vets on Animal Reiki is a powerful source of information to help you understand the benefits of Reiki by providing you testimonies as well as resources guides for more information. My hope is that the valuable information in this book will inspire Vets practitioners to utilize, if they haven’t already, the amazing benefits of Reiki in their daily practice to create a true healing environment not only for their patients but their human companions and staff.”
—Lina C.


About Kathleen Prasad

Kathleen Prasad is founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). A Reiki practitioner for 20 years, Kathleen Prasad teaches and shares the healing benefits of Reiki meditation for animals and their caregivers. Kathleen’s teachings, based on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques and thousands of hours of Animal Reiki experience in the field, represent the world’s first specialized, extensive and professional curriculum in Animal Reiki.

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