Now out in paperback! The Let Animals Lead 21-Day Meditation Challenge:
heal your life with the help of animals

Do you love connecting with animals? Did you know they can help you heal your life? Get ready to discover the untapped potential that animals can awaken within you, and to open your heart and mind to loving-kindness, extraordinary bliss, and the balanced life of your dreams!

“Whether you are new to meditation or have many years of experience, this meditation program will help you enter more deeply into the Reiki Precepts and expand your understanding of how animals exemplify the Precepts in new and enlightening ways. Both simple and powerful, this book offers a simple and accessible way to connect more deeply with lessons the animals have to share with us.”
—Heidi Z.

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Learn more about how the Let Animals Lead method is helping to heal abused an traumatized animals around the world here:

What this challenge will teach you:

With the inspiration of 21 different animals, the wisdom of the Reiki Precepts, and the healing power of affirmations you’ll be able to practice:

  • -releasing anger
  • -letting go of worries and fears
  • -developing humility to become more receptive
  • -finding gratitude in every moment
  • -listening to your inner wisdom
  • -expanding compassion in every part of your life

The animal meditations you learn in this 21-day practice will cultivate different aspects of mindfulness and balance that will heal and transform your life!

More Praise:

“Did you realize that you can learn as much from a snake as you can from an elephant? Following this 21-day Meditation Program really expanded my perspective of various animals. It helped me realize that I can call on many animals to guide me in my daily life and help me on my spiritual path. I’m grateful for all that I have gained through this program, and I recommend it to others.”
—Deanna S.

“With the generous and joyful participation of a band of wise and wonderful animals, Kathleen guides us gently and creatively through a daily meditation practice that integrates the Reiki Precepts with the energy and soul gifts of the animals and expands into a ritual that comes truly alive each day in a transformative way. If you fully engage in this program, I have no doubt that you will be blessed with the magic these animals offer us and come closer to your own true nature—I know I have.”
—Belinda C.

“The 21-Day Animal Reiki Meditation practice is a wonderful way of living a life of balance with the help of animals. Each day brings with it a new animal energy, along with the animal’s affirmation to go along with one of the Reiki Precepts. The meditation is a beautiful way to begin your day.”
—Julie D.

“I highly recommend this whether or not you ever are a Reiki practitioner. The difference it can make in how you relate to your world and animals and all living things around you is profound.”
—Sherry Z.

“You will come out of this program with more compassion towards our animal and human companions.”
—Melissa G.

“This 21-Day Meditation program from Kathleen Prasad is not to be missed! The variety of animals, paired with beautiful affirmations and energy descriptions as viewed through the Reiki Precepts is incredibly healing. I highly recommend this lovely program for a deepening of one’s connection to the Animal Kingdom!”
—Kelly M.

“This 21-Day Animal Reiki program is a life-changing experience.”
—Anne Marie L.

“I just finished Kathleen’s 21-Day Animal Reiki Meditation program, and it is amazing! For someone who’s been meditating for a while, it’s nice to come across a new way of connecting with animals that is so easy AND affective! The animals she has chosen are absolutely perfect! You’ll love this!”
—Donna W.

“Imagine walking through your day with each of the 21-day meditation animals by your side. You will be supported by the Reiki Precepts as you deepen your practice. Your friends will notice your sparkle and that you have something extra positive going on in your life.”
—Wendee W.


About Kathleen Prasad

Kathleen Prasad is founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). A Reiki practitioner for 20 years, Kathleen Prasad teaches and shares the healing benefits of Reiki meditation for animals and their caregivers. Kathleen’s teachings, based on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques and thousands of hours of Animal Reiki experience in the field, represent the world’s first specialized, extensive and professional curriculum in Animal Reiki.

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