Volunteering Animal Reiki in Shelters and Sanctuaries: The Let Animals Lead® Way


Calm your mind, expand your heart, and find deep joy in volunteering Animal Reiki!

Animal Reiki as practiced in the Let Animals Lead® method, is a mindfulness practice shared with animals, rather than an energy therapy done “to” them. This special system is guided by the philosophy that animals are different but equal beings, deserving of the same choice and respect in Reiki connections that humans enjoy.

In this course, Kathleen will share lessons she’s learned from many years of volunteering Animal Reiki in a variety of animal rescue environments.

This class is for all Reiki practitioners of any level of training in any lineage. Can’t be there live? All students will receive a video and audio recording of the class.

Tuesday January 28, 6-7pm Pacific time

    • 65 $


Through this special 1-hour webinar, Kathleen will teach you practical tips and meditation practices to help you sit with animals who are suffering and transform each moment into a powerfully peaceful space. You’ll also be guided in a peaceful, animal Reiki meditation you can use when you volunteer. This is such a simple, yet sacred, practice, yet the gift you offer through your volunteering is such a blessing to the animals and people in these organizations!

You’ll learn:

• To set the most effective goals for your volunteering time

• The best ethics to use each and every visit

• Tips for a variety of possible physical environments

• How to troubleshoot common issues you might encounter

• Ways to stay balanced and deal with the stress you may experience

What you’ll receive:

One 1-hour teaching session via webinar, recorded in both video and audio formats.


To access recordings, students will need to download mp4 (video) and m4a (audio) files as well as a pdf of the graphic, “The Art of the Perfect Animal Reiki Session.”

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