Reiki III & Animal Reiki Teacher Training at Remus


September 7-9, 2017, Thursday-Saturday
At Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England

Class will be held at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England. This class is for Level II Practitioners interested in learning to teach Reiki and Animal Reiki classes, and Level III Practitioners and Teachers interested in deepening their Reiki knowledge and/or adding an Animal Reiki program to their curriculum.

Becoming a Shinpiden Level Practitioner is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your personal healing journey with the animals. This class is unique in its emphasis on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques integrated into Animal Reiki practice. Being able to connect energetically with the amazing animals at Remus makes this class truly special and unique!

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    • 1445 $
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    • 500 $
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Reiki 3 & Animal Reiki Teacher Training:
Shinpiden Master Teacher Class
at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England

Become a Shinpiden Master Teacher

 Prerequisite: at least Reiki 2 in any lineage and The Animal Reiki Workshop by correspondence

This class includes:

  • Discussion and practice in the traditional Japanese techniques for Levels I, II and III
  • Learning the 4th Symbol and Mantra (as well as review of the first 3 Symbols and Mantra)
  • The Reiki Master Initiation/Reiju
  • Instruction and Practice in how to perform Initiations and Reiju
  • Discussion of the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics and its importance as a Reiki Master Teacher
  • Instruction on creating successful lesson plans for your students
  • Teaching Manuals for Reiki I, II, and III Classes
  • Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites: Must have at least Level II Reiki (from any lineage) & The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum. Recommended: The Animal Reiki Internship
Tuition: $1445, 25% donated to Remus

Note: A limited number of Kathleen’s resitting students will be accepted for this class on a first-come, first-served basis. Resitting cost: $500.

Travel Suggestions


Flight: The nearest airport is London Heathrow.

Car Rental: For those of you not staying in London, we recommend you rent a car to get to and from your hotel and Remus each day. There are many car rental companies located at the airport should you decide to rent a car.


Below is a list of a few hotels in close proximity to Remus:

The Pump House – a luxury holiday 3 bedroom apartment ( located in the town of Billericay.  Rents for the week starting at £1400 per week. Located in Chelmsford, close to the town centre. Prices start at £80 per night. An upscale hotel located in Stock, approximately 3 miles from Remus. Prices are in the range of £190 per night.;label=hotel-36661-gb-1IeBS11Er3xBSATpKska8ge Located in the Village of Margaretting, approximately 7 miles from Billericay. Prices are in the range of £100 per night.

Eating Establishments:

Food: During your stay, students will be responsible for their own meals.

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