Medicine Buddha Chant



Kathleen has created this profoundly moving and sacred chant to support the healing of people and their animals. Chant along, or listen and soak up the healing!

Created to support the healing of people and their animals. Sit with your animals and listen together, or chant along to create a powerful healing space of peace, love and compassion.

By Kathleen Prasad, length 24:19

This audio is dedicated to Mikie Lee Prasad.

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Listeners receive the mp3 along with an accompanying pdf with background and information for use.

“This chant has helped me to deepen my own Reiki Practice. It has allowed me to stay in the ‘Reiki space’ without being distracted. I am now able to chant for 24 minutes with Kathleen and have used the chant often when working with a herd of horses. Having Kathleen support me with her chanting has increased the confidence of my own chanting. I highly recommend this chant for any budding Animal Reiki Practitioner as it truly does get you to the perfect Reiki space. I have been chanting for the animals of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary along with Kathleen’s amazing Medicine Buddha Chant. The animals and I love this free spirited approach. I love being on my own, feeling the sun in my hair and my feet firmly connected to the earth. It is lovely to have no one dependent on me, other than that I am there for the animals. I have no expectation of them and them of me. The chanting truly helps me to let go and to just ‘be’, it helps with my breathing and the animals love the grounded energy that it creates. Using Kathleen’s chant I have been able to work with a horse called Marcus who was beaten so badly, that when he came to Remus, he stood in the exact same position in the Remus stable for days, as he was so scared to move. My relationship with Marcus now, is one of trust and respect. I hold the ‘Reiki’ space chanting along with Kathleen and stand motionlessly in the field. During these moments he will often come and nestle his head on my shoulders, I refrain from touching him as I know that he does not want me to touch him. He respects me for this and now looks for me, while I walk thorough the fields.” – Caroline T., SARA Teacher at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, England

“I cannot praise the Medicine Buddha Chant highly enough. I opened it intending only to listen and found myself chanting along effortlessly, as if I had been chanting it for years. There was an emotional release early on in the chant of tears that fell like a soft rain. That passed very quickly and I found myself swimming in the beautiful energy of the chant. I held my hands in gassho spontaneously.” – Janet J.

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