How to Guide a Meditation with Confidence and Compassion, Using the Let Animals Lead® Method


Do you love meditating with your animals but feel unsure about the best way to share this practice with their people?

Do you teach Reiki or Animal Reiki and want to add animal-friendly meditations that respect animals’ preferences and sensitivities?

Do you want to enhance your ability to learn from the wisdom of animals and help others to do so as well?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this 1-hour course is for you! Can’t be there live? No problem – you’ll receive video and audio downloads! Kathleen Prasad is an experienced educator with over twenty-four years teaching experience, and in this course, she’ll give you the tools to become confident and proficient in guiding Animal Reiki meditation for others.

Open to all animal-lovers. This course teaches animal-friendly meditation practices and does not require formal Reiki training (however Reiki practitioners of all lineages welcomed!). 



Guiding an Animal Reiki meditation isn’t only about the words you use. It’s also about the healing space you create through an open mind and heart. In this class, Kathleen will share tips to help you have the greatest impact on supporting the health of animals and their people. She’ll guide you through two simple yet powerful meditations that follow her unique Let Animals Lead® method. This special method is based on the principle of healing shared through compassionate presence and suitable for all species of animals, no matter their backgrounds. Using these meditations will also help create a greater level of awareness of animal wisdom. By sharing these healing meditations with others, you’ll be able to create a powerful healing ripple into the world, supporting not only animals but also the people who love them!

What you’ll receive:

One 1-hour teaching session via webinar, recorded in both video and audio formats.

Transcripts of both meditations practiced in the course to practice with your own clients and students.


To access recordings, students will need to be to download mp4 (video) and m4a (audio) files as well as pdf files (for the transcript).


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