Five Power Animal Meditations Course



A Guided Journey to Strengthen Your Connection to Animal Wisdom

Kathleen has created this meditation course for all animal lovers interested in making an inward journey towards energetic and spiritual connections to the wisdom of animal kind. The animals focused on in this course include the wolf, the tiger, the elephant, the bear and the eagle.

In listening to the animal meditations and completing the accompanying exercises, you will:

  • Nurture your inner courage and important relationships in your life
  • Reconnect with nature and re-energize yourself
  • Discover ways to bring new opportunities and healing energy into your life
  • Support your inner joy and renew your spirit
  • Strengthen your ability to connect to your inner voice

Take this 5-week meditative and reflective journey and open your eyes and inner doors to the wisdom the animals have to offer, and to the realization that this wisdom is easily accessible within your own heart!

Click on the Play Button to hear a free 2-minute sample from the “Eagle Meditation”.


This course includes:

  • 7 Audio Downloads, including The Five Power Animal Meditations
  • The accompanying Journal Companion  


I found the Wolf meditation so profound, moving and beautiful. It is a precious gift to me. I was instantly transported to the most beautiful pine forest, I could smell it and feel it’s own sacred atmosphere. I experienced shivers along my spine which is not unusual for me if I receive reiki or sound healing. I felt the presence of my father which brought tears. The most beautiful white wolf with amber eyes came to me through the forest. I have felt the vague presence of animals before but this was so vivid so real. I felt a peaceful calm joy. I felt the presence of four of my pets I have lost. Gentle and soothing. I also felt something I may never have experienced before or cannot at least recall. I felt a gentle soreness in my heart centre , and a feeling of space. I also during the audio experienced for the first time a brief sense of strength. Just a surge, like a wave rising and falling within me. When the tape finished I felt still within , calm and like I had had a little discovery I couldn’t catch hold of but like one part of me was smiling and understanding very much what had happened. When I went to sleep I saw an emerald green glowing and gleaming. A shade of green I had never seen before. Sending you much gratitude. It’s so beautiful. Thank you. -Sarah S.

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