Equine Reiki Day Brighthaven

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Saturday June 24, 2017, 10AM – 4PM
At BrightHaven Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, CA

Join Kathleen for an inspiring day with the horse teachers of BrightHaven. We will spend our time meditating and creating heart to heart healing connections with the horses!

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Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki

50% donated to Brighthaven

Open to all animal lovers, no prior Reiki experience required.

Join Kathleen for an inspiring day with the horse teachers of BrightHaven. We will spend our time meditating and creating heart to heart healing connections with the horses! Kathleen will share stories behind her latest groundbreaking book, lead powerful heart-healing horse meditations and share insights and practical real-life tips for successful connections with horses. Drawing upon Reiki teachings and combined with wisdom from Kathleen’s horse teachers, this special class will guide you on a simple yet profound meditative journey of healing heart to heart!

Whether you are an experienced horse-person, a Reiki lover, or an animal advocate interested in learning more about the spiritual gifts, wisdom and essence of horses, this course is for you!

All students will receive a signed copy of Kathleen’s new book, Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki, as well as a certificate of completion.



What I enjoyed the most was to go into the horse paddocks and to stand silently and with intent offering Reiki to the horses and asking their permission to share their space. This is something I will not forget. Thank you Kathleen for helping me to realise that I was not alone, and partly Reiki is about instinct and intuition but most importantly it is about leaving any preconceived ideas you have about the treating horses and let them guide you. They know what they need from us. – Sally N.

From these lessons, my mindset has changed and my practice has benefited from it.  This class has allowed me to let go, listen and just “Be”. -Lisa H.

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4 reviews for Equine Reiki Day Brighthaven

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bree Brown (verified owner)

    Kathleen is one of those teachers one can only hope for. A wonderful mix of skill, compassion, depth, a deep knowledge of her subject matter, and the ability to communicate it to others.

    Gathering together at the peaceful Bright Haven Animal Sanctuary, Kathleen created a safe and exciting space for learning and connection. She is a pioneer in her field who gave me an entirely new approach for bringing Reiki healing to the animals I work with. And while the horses we practiced with are not my primary animal connection, I will easily be able to bring all the skills she taught us to the domestic cats and dogs that I do work with. Our group was a mix of first-timers like myself to others there for the third time.

    The day is personally grounding and offered a mix of time to go inward to the places needing attention and healing in ourselves using centering and breathing exercises [from her new book which she gifted each of us “Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki”], sharing what we were moved to talk about with the group, and practicing with all of the wonderful horses at Bright Haven.

    I can’t say enough about what a deep and transforming experience the Equine Reiki Day at Bright Haven is.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I took Kathleen’s class on the recommendation of a friend who knows I love animals. I went not knowing what to expect since I’m not trained in Reiki, yet. The morning started with a talk and meditative grounding, attunement. We had a tour of the farm with a focus on who the animals are now, and not a replay of their past neglect, disease, or abuse. During our activities in the pasture, the animals at BrightHaven let me know I was in the right place, among friends, and that everything would be okay. The practitioners in attendance were supportive and accepted me into their group. I’m looking forward to continuing to deepen my meditation practice by adding in Reiki trainings. I left feeling peaceful, and supported as if the rescue mini donkey, ponies, and horses were healing me.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cindy Buck

    All of Kathleen’s classes are great! She has a way of explaining and teaching Animal Reiki that is easy to grasp and put into practice. She has spent many years practicing and developing Animal Reiki. Taking her classes and joining SARA changed my life! I now know what my life’s purpose is! I am very grateful to Kathleen for showing me the way. BrightHaven is a magical place to take Animal Reiki classes. When you arrive there you can feel the loving energy and the openness of the animals to receive Reiki and to also teach us how to “Be Reiki”. Thank you Kathleen and BrightHaven!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shilpa hallyal (verified owner)

    The experience of feeling centered, grounded and peaceful in the company of beautiful people and animals is the best gift I’ve given myself…take a class with Kathleen Prasad at BrightHaven and see how some honestly beautiful life moments can change your perspective of life.

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