How Animal Reiki is Different from Human Reiki…And Why it Matters


I often hear people say, “Reiki is Reiki and you can do it with any animal or person, just go for it!” I’m happy to hear the enthusiasm, but in all honesty, these kinds of statements make me a bit nervous. Animals are so much more sensitive than humans to energy, and even though we mean well, we can sometimes come on too strong! We owe it to them to approach them in a way that acknowledges and honors their sensitivities and preferences. This class will help you avoid this pitfall in animal Reiki practice!


In this 1-hour audio class, we’ll explore the myth that “Reiki with animals is no different than with humans.” I’ll share the many practical and ethical reasons why it’s vital that we realize this so we can “get it right” in our approach when we share Reiki with animals. I’ll also give you essential tips and guidelines to use so you can be sure you’re always honoring animals during Reiki.

You’ll learn a special meditation to support your intuitive listening skills too!

Students will also receive a special e-book, “How to Create Powerful Distant Animal Reiki Sessions.”

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