Animal Healing Meditations


Is your animal struggling physically or emotionally?

Do you wish you could do more to help them?

Practicing these 20-minute meditations will help you connect with natural elements to remember that it is always possible to find peace in this moment.

Peace is the place where healing begins. 

“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.” ~John Muir

Nature is a powerful teacher. It is a physical reminder of the healing power of grounding, expansion, connection and more.  Kathleen has created these nature-based meditations to help you support your animals and access the deep inner space of peace and strength within yourself.

Practicing these meditations will help you create peace and calm for your animals, no matter what healing challenges they may face.

Focusing on elements of nature, such as the wind, the water, the sun and the moon can have a powerful, stabilizing effect on the mind and heart. Because our animals are so connected with our mental and emotional states, sharing these meditations can help them transform discomfort and suffering into peace and compassion.

Adapted from exercises in the book Reiki for Dogs, these meditations are suitable to share with animals of any species.

This product includes six 20-minute meditations:
The Sun Illumination Meditation
The Willow and Wind Meditation
The Healing Koi and Water Meditation
The Healing Bridge Meditation
The Healing Space Meditation
The Moonlight Beacon Meditation


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