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Training at the Square Peg Foundation

Training at the Square Peg Foundation:

This past weekend, I taught my very first Level 1 in-person course since 2019! It was such an amazing day, full of beautiful horse teachers and incredible humans 🙂 I offered this course as a gift to the staff of the Square Peg Foundation.

Square Peg is a different kind of therapy riding model. Their website says,

“Square Peg is all about reminding all of us that what makes us different is what makes us special.”

Their philosophy is so in-line with the Let Animals Lead® method, I knew LAL would be a beautiful complement to the work they are already doing!

Congratulations to all 8 graduates in Level 1 of the Let Animals Lead® method! Here are a few more photos from our day:

people outside the stables with horses
people sitting in a field at square peg foundation


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