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The Art of the Perfect Animal Reiki Session

What qualities create the ideal Animal Reiki session where animals are honored as equal partners and allowed to lead their own healing process?

I know what I’ve found to be most important, and I’ve shared it with you here on this special infographic. I’ve created this as a special gift to encourage and inspire you!

Perfect Animal Reiki Session Infographic

As you can see, my idea of a “perfect” session isn’t about expectations of how the animal should behave or focused on specific healing outcomes. It’s not focused on hand positions or traditional practitioner protocol. Rather, the ideal Animal Reiki session is about our state of mind and heart. It’s about making space for and honoring the preferences of the animals. It’s about staying present and simply “sharing space” together. We, as practitioners, also have an important responsibility to keep a positive state of mind, not focusing on what is “wrong” with the animal. If we’ve created conditions where animals can build trust and connect with us on their own terms with peace and compassion, then we’ll always facilitate a perfect Animal Reiki session!

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