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Reiki Symbols and Mantras for Animal Reiki Practice

When I first learned the Reiki symbols and the mantras, I learned how to “give them” to my client or put them “on” or draw them “over” an area that needed healing. Working on self-practice and humans I found good results, but as I found myself working with more and more animals, I had less positive responses. The animals would often get up and walk away when I drew a symbol or visualized a mantra. Over time, I stopped using symbols and mantras when I was with animals, as they seemed to be disturbed by them.  

That all changed when I studied with the International House of Reiki and learned the spiritual practice of using the symbols and mantras as focus points for my own meditation practice. I started to experiment with using an inner focus, and noticed that the animals stopped leaving the room. In fact they were actually drawn to me when I focused on symbols, mantras, or a combination of both. What a change! It didn’t seem to matter which symbol or mantra or combination, just that my focus was inward rather than outward. If my mental focus was correct, they would come forward. If I began to shift my focus towards “sending” or “beaming,” they would show discomfort. I could see this almost immediately with a simple change in my state of mind, and it made a big impression on me!

The animals showed me clearly that the symbols and the mantras are not meant to be “given” to them to fix a particular issue or a problem, like, for example, “Oh, you have a broken leg, so you need the power symbol,” or “Oh, you’re a really nervous cat, so you need the emotional healing symbol.” They helped me remember that I am not responsible for anyone else’s healing, but rather creating a beautiful space of openhearted presence for animals. Yes, the Reiki symbols and mantras are powerful tools to help me do this, but ultimately I must keep my state of mind inward, not outward, if I want them to come forward to connect. When we practice focusing our minds in such a way that animals come forward with an open heart to connect with us, this is the space where all healing possibility exists. That is the space of miracles. That is the space where true healing happens. And even better, it was through this inner practice with symbols and mantras that I felt my own self-healing deepening in positively amazing ways! How beautiful to realize that my own self-healing practice benefits animals ☺

My two favorite ways of meditating with the Reiki symbols and mantras (with animals) are visualization of the symbols and chanting of the mantras. The key to get positive responses from animals is to get away from the idea that we’re giving the symbol or the mantra to the animal to fix a certain problem. That will cause a lot of resistance with the animals, the same as if I were too pushy in your physical approach. Because animals are so sensitive to our thoughts and emotional being, when we have that active state of mind of  “doing” and “fixing” (which often is also accompanied by an emotional state of worry) many animals get very disturbed and uncomfortable.

As my own energy shifted through personal practice with the symbols and mantras, I realized they were cultivating certain qualities within me. They helped me get really grounded, and helped me to open and expand my state of mind. When I was grounded with an expansive mind, I could feel myself drop fully into my heart. It was then that animals would step forward and show amazing healing responses. What a lesson in the healing power of compassion! [bctt tweet=”The more that we uncover our inner radiance, our inner light, through the practice of the Reiki symbols and mantras, the more that we serve as a mirror for our animals.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

The more that we uncover our inner radiance, our inner light, through the practice of the Reiki symbols and mantras, the more that we serve as a mirror for our animals. Our animals might be facing a difficulty, they might be suffering a physical illness or they might have some kind of emotional issue, or they may even be transitioning, so there can be a lot of emotions for us around that of grief and so on. If we can see deeper than these issues and shine with the beautiful light of the universe, it helps our animals remember their own inner light when they’re having a difficult time. Through the meditative space of grounding and expansion we create when we focus on the symbols and mantras, we can mirror back to the animals their inner strength, peace and harmony. This can be tremendously helpful in supporting them to heal themselves.

We can also be a light in the darkness. For example, if you’re working with a shelter animal who has shut down due to severe abuse, through these practices we shine a beautiful light into the darkness. Animals are so sensitive they can see the light and they can come forward and connect to it, and in so doing remember their own inner light. We’re almost like Animal Reiki lighthouses☺

Our Animal Reiki practice helps us learn how to be a shining mirror or lighthouse, but the wonderful thing is, animals already do this for us! We often think,  “I’m helping animals with Animal Reiki,” and this is true, but many times our practice also helps us to be more receptive to the gifts of healing and light the animals give to us. Animals don’t have to practice a system of Reiki to do this; they just “are” healing presence. They just shine a beautiful light, and often it mirrors our strength back to us. Being with them helps us be here now, and remember our strength, our courage, our kindness, and more. Just by being in their presence, we remember how to heal ourselves.

Sometimes if we’re very sad, if we’ve lost our way, when we spend time with our animals, they help bring us back to joy. They help us be the best version of ourselves. They bring us back to hope and gratitude. They do this by just being very present without judgment and very grounded and connected. And those are same things that the Reiki symbols and the mantras help us do, so it becomes a really beautiful circle of healing. Practicing the symbols and mantras help us go to that inner space of heart and light and love, and the animals will meet us there. When our hearts connect, that is the space where all the healing happens.

If you want to work with symbols and mantras with animals, I invite you to think about how you can work with them by going inward for your own spiritual practice, and allowing the radiance of that practice to shine out. Watch as your energy shifts into groundedness and expansiveness, qualities that are magnetic to animals. Simply invite your animal to join you in that beautiful space of Reiki light and love and joy and healing.

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