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Meet the Recipients of the Dakota Scholarship, July 2021

Thanks to the 50+ of people who sent in applications for the Dakota Scholarship, July 2021!

It was just amazing to read your personal stories and about the work you are already doing for animals. I’m so inspired by so many of you in our community 🙂

It was truly difficult to choose recipients, as there were so many beautiful applications. Every single application touched me! I have chosen 3 people to receive scholarships and – this is truly wonderful!!! – 4 of my Licensed Online Teachers have graciously chosen to extend the scholarship to 1 person in their upcoming classes, so in all, 7 lucky students will receive a FREE Level 1 or Level 2 certification in the Let Animals Lead® method!

Meet our beautiful, inspiring recipients:

Congrats to Monica Ferrer, seen here with Ms. Bonnie, for receiving the scholarship for Level 1 Online training this July! Monica has been helping and rescuing homeless animals for 30 years in Puerto Rico, and currently has a small cattery, a nonprofit that rescues community cats.

She has big dreams to create a SARA chapter in Puerto Rico and one day her very own cat sanctuary that is a free-roaming natural environment for the cats she rescues.

Congrats to Tina Cruz for securing a scholarship in the Level 2 Online morning session in July. Tina has a Master’s in Child Development and Family Life and sees the Let Animals Lead® method as a way to expand her work in this area.

Seen here with her greatest animal teacher, Princess, she lives in the Philippines. Since 2014 she has been helping local shelters and rescues through fostering, adopting, volunteering and well as events support. She has dreams of becoming a Let Animals Lead® method teacher in order to teach in shelters in her community, as well as building a community of like-minded children and their families.

Congrats to Vani Gavenko, seen here with her Reiki partner Puddles, for receiving the scholarship for the Level 2 Online Evening Session in July. Vani has worked in animal rescue for many years and has found the Let Animals Lead® method to be an amazing solution to the burnout and compassion fatigue she has suffered from in the past.

She is currently volunteering at a cat rescue adoption center to help socialize the kittens and is amazed at the beautiful responses she has seen. Vani is studying to become a cat behavior consultant, and wants to mix together the science and spiritual approaches to help cats find their forever homes.

Thank you to my licensed teacher, Jamie Lee of for allowing one more student to take advantage of the Dakota Scholarship. Jamie has graciously offered free level 1 training to Lynn in Canada, seen here with her beloved teacher, Herbert!

Deeply connected to animals for her whole life, Lynn now follows and supports many animal rescues around the world, does grooming and doggie day care, and also volunteers for ElderDog in Toronto. She is deeply inspired by the Let Animals Lead® method and would like to take it into shelters in her area.

I’m so excited for Lynn to begin the Let Animals Lead® method journey with her experienced and amazing teacher, Jamie Lee!

Thank you to my licensed teacher, Alice Kay Lovelace of for allowing one more student to take advantage of the Dakota Scholarship. Alice has graciously offered free Level 1 training to Veronica Anderson, seen here with one of her favorite teachers, a Queensland Grouper.

Veronica is a volunteer diver with the Aquarium of the Pacific in CA, one of six American Academy of Underwater Scientist (AAUS) trained scientific divers.

She hopes to apply the Let Animals Lead® method to the underwater animals in aquariums that she works with, such as fish, sharks and turtles.

I’m so excited for Veronica to begin her Let Animals Lead® method journey with her awesome teacher, Alice Kay Lovelace.

*Alice has also graciously accepted Lynda Wood as a 2nd recipient of the Dakota Scholarship. Lynda has been volunteering for humane societies since she was young, is a groomer and does doggie daycare, and is very inspired with the Let Animals Lead® method. We’re also so excited for you to being your journey with Alice, Lynda!

Thank you to my licensed teacher Kelly McDermott of HeartSong Reiki for allowing one more student to take advantage of the Dakota Scholarship! Kelly has graciously offered free Level 1 training to Ann Gillian Tero, seen here with her two rescued cats, Mina and Aki.

An active rescue cat fosterer, Ann feels a deep responsibility as a Filipino Animal Reiki Practitioner, to bring more knowledge and her unique voice to the holistic animal community.

I can’t wait for Ann to begin her journey with her amazing teacher, Kelly McDermott! Aren’t you inspired by these amazing women who will be getting certified to help so many animals in their communities? I know I am and can’t wait to see how their journey unfolds!

Note: Although my July online Level 1 classes are sold out, I do have a few spots left in PM session of my online Level 2! Be sure to sign up soon while there’s still space 🙂

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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