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Meet My Teachers

Since I was a little girl, I always had a joy for teaching. I guess my first memorable teaching experience was helping my sister Charlotte tie her shoe. She was about 4 and I was about 8. And that was quite a challenge since I am left-handed and she is right-handed! We did it though (and I guess that was the start of never walking away from an educational challenge 🙂 )

Although I was a bit of a nerd in high school (LOL) I always managed to make friends with a few popular football players or “cool” students because I would tutor them and help them pass difficult classes. Seeing the light bulb go on and success happen for them made me feel really happy!

As things open up here in the US and also in the UK, many of my best, most experienced teachers are beginning to offer in-person Level 1 and 2 Animal Reiki classes at wonderful animal locations in their local areas. CLICK HERE to meet my 2021 Teachers of Excellence! I’m so proud of each of them! Not only are they dedicated to honoring animals through our practice, they also take the time for continuing education as a teacher, so that they are constantly honing their craft.

Don’t see a class in your area just yet? Did you know, I also have a hand-selected group of special teachers for online teaching? These students are licensed to teach Level 1 of the Let Animals Lead® method via webinar. They have gone through a special application process and specialized training so they can teach online with the highest professional standards. CLICK HERE for a list of these extraordinary teachers, and I bet you can find a class for you starting very soon!

Although I don’t have any in person offerings just yet, in the meantime, I’m super excited for my new upcoming webinar:

Tuesday June 8, 2021 6-7:15PM Pacific time $65

In this special webinar, you’ll learn specific teachings in the Let Animals Lead® method to help you:

  1. Cultivate transcendence of illness, injury and disease so you can be calmer and more fully present for the animals you love.

  2. Experience transcendence of species so you can deepen your bond with all living beings.

  3. Plus: You’ll learn a guided meditation to help you connect with animals no matter how far away they are!

Can’t be there live? No worries, a recording of the class will be sent to all students.

Hope to see you there 🙂 CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up now!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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