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Help SARA Bring Comfort and Kindness to Shelter Animals

Help SARA Bring Comfort and Kindness to Shelter Animals

Today I’d like to share a bit about my nonprofit and passion project: the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). I’m asking for your help in keeping us going. The pandemic years have slowed our donations greatly, and we do so much good in the world! Can you help us? Any amount is tax-deductible (in the USA) and so appreciated!

SARA is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit charity that I co-founded in 2008 with Leah D’Ambrosio: the two of us had a dream that one day, every shelter animal would be able to benefit from the gifts of Animal Reiki. Every year SARA has grown by leaps and bounds! SARA is composed of hundreds of volunteer Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers, and animal organizations, all of us unified in our Let Animals Lead® method approach. We all share a common mission to share the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki to ease the suffering of and bring peace and joy to animals living in shelters and sanctuaries.

Did you know the following awesome facts about SARA?

1) SARA is in its 14th year of existence. Not only have we been around longer than any other Animal Reiki organization, there is no other international Animal Reiki charity that focuses on helping rescued animals!

2) SARA members collectively volunteer over 3,500 hours per year for the animals who need it most!

3) SARA has a worldwide network of hundreds of practitioners, teachers and shelter organizations effectively using our methods for the comfort of animals in shelters, sanctuaries and rescue centers.

SARA has many members doing amazing work around the globe but we need your help in continuing our work and reaching even more shelters and sanctuaries. As a SARA donor, you will help us give so many animals a second chance at life. Won’t you help us help animals with the gift of Animal Reiki?

Please DONATE whatever you can today (even $5 can really help!) and make a difference for the animals who need it the most!

CLICK HERE for more info and to donate.

Check out these SARA blogs to meet our members and learn how rescued animals are having their lives transformed in positive ways!

The massive draft horse was one of the saddest, checked-out animals I have met. He’d spent years on at least one Amish farm, was isolated and probably abused, and had given up. His new owner, the director of a nonprofit equine therapy center, wanted to find out what he needed.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Supporting Zoo Animals by Elizabeth Maginnis

While many zoos do an exemplary job constructing habitats that closely mimic their animals’ natural environments, zoo animals basically live their lives in captivity to entertain and educate humans. Are these entertainment and educational benefits worth more than the animals’ stress from living in captivity and their constant exposure to humans?

CLICK HERE to read more.

The Let Animals Lead® method is a transformative way to offer Reiki to non-human animals while fully manifesting interspecies respect. Because this method refrains from using touch unless the non-human animal initiates, it assists in eliminating challenging aspects of the human ego—pressures, expectations, agendas—and recognizes the perfection of the empowered animal.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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