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Healing is such a charged word, isn’t it?

What does it mean when we say that Animal Reiki heals?

For example, does it mean we have some kind of magical power that other people don’t have? Does it mean that we ourselves, as Animal Reiki practitioners, actually cure specific ailments of the animals in our care?

I believe the answer to these questions is “No,” but it shows you the kind of confusion that can happen when we talk about what Animal Reiki is and what it does. As Animal Reiki practitioners, I believe we should see ourselves as holding space for others, and supporting the self-healing process. In this context, healing is not about physical or emotional “curing,” but rather about the power of our connection to each other, and how our compassion and loving-kindness can support those around us. [bctt tweet=”Healing is not about physical or emotional curing, but rather about the power of our connection to each other, and how our compassion and loving-kindness can support those around us.” username=”ARS_animalreiki”]

We all possess the power of healing that compassionate, open-hearted presence brings, however how many of us are mindful of this power, and how many of us practice it regularly and consciously? This is the real value in Animal Reiki: mindful, conscious practice. Through meditation we regularly practice mindfulness, presence, compassion and gratitude and in so doing, we’re able to support others more effectively when they need us.

I believe that our highest purpose in this life as human beings is helping others. When we forget this purpose we are living out of alignment and we are disconnected from the natural world. We can see this kind of disharmony everywhere in society, from animal cruelty and neglect in our local communities to the larger issue of climate change and the tragedies it brings with it. What if we could all stop, breathe and remember to reconnect to our world from the space of compassion, gratitude and kindness? What if we could open our eyes and realize all our decisions should be made from this space of connectedness and the wisdom that comes from it? Imagine what a different place the world would be.

For me personally, my practice of Animal Reiki has helped illuminate the path of kindness and compassion, and my deep connection to other species. It’s so important to advocate for animals and protect their right to lead their own healing process. To honor my connection with animals, I also aspire to kindness and mindfulness as a consumer when I make big and small choices in my life.

My practice of Animal Reiki has also helped me to be able to realize when I am out of balance, angry or fearful, so that I can take steps to reconnect. My practice also helps me to be more grounded in tough situations. I’ve also realized the importance that my state of mind has on how others relate and connect to me. Distraction and worry weakens me, while gratitude and mindful presence strengthens me.

And maybe most importantly, my Animal Reiki practice has helped me to dig deeper to search for peace in every moment, even the most difficult ones. Perhaps the biggest healing lesson I’ve ever learned, and I learned this during my difficult journey through breast cancer, is that peace is always possible when we lead with the heart!

In short, my Animal Reiki practice has helped me to clarify what’s truly important to me and to my life. True healing is about honoring and aligning with this, and in so doing, rediscovering the Oneness of existence. Explore the meaning of healing with me through my 4-part audio course, “The Heart Your Animals Series.” The first lesson takes a deep dive into the meaning of healing and is followed by 3 additional hour-long lessons to help you to dig deep and find more courage, peace and compassion within yourself. You can help your animal more than you ever thought possible, even during the most difficult times!

I’d love to know, what does healing mean to you? How has your Animal Reiki practice supported your healing journey and the animals in your life?

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