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Bright Dreams and Smoky Sunsets

It’s been tough lately, friends, I’ll admit it.

Northern California has been suffering from the most devastating fires. Our ancient and beautiful forests and all the animals within are being lost, and so many of my students, friends and even some family members have been impacted.

The air has been so thick with smoke, we’ve been trapped indoors (except for the outdoor animals like my dear horse that must breathe in the ashes with no relief.) So much loss, and all this on top of the pandemic. I send Reiki love, light and blessings to embrace all those suffering right now!

Well, one night as I looked at the smoky, red sunset, my heart ached for all of this: for my dear California. And like I always do to try to cheer myself up when I feel down, I count my blessings and think of all the things I am grateful for in the moment. So it was while looking at the beautiful colors in the smoky sky that I remembered an inspiring dream that I had many years ago.

Have you ever had a dream that had a profound impact on your life?

When I first learned Reiki back in 1998, I never knew my world would be changed so dramatically. I never imagined that animals would come forward so forcefully to ask me to change my direction.

I “planned” to be a middle school teacher for my career, but the animals had other ideas. I ended up “retiring” early as Animal Reiki began to take over my life.

Sometimes our dreams come to us at the right time, to help us find our way. Many years ago, when I was still finding my path, I had such a dream:

I was standing at the edge of an infinite open space, staring at the sun setting on the horizon. The colors were vivid and blinding, yet I couldn’t look away. Slowly I began to see dark, moving shapes coming towards me from out of the beaming light.As I stared, I couldn’t seem to even blink, as my gaze was locked on what was unfolding. As the shapes got closer I could see they were animals: animals of all kinds and of all species. Walking towards me were animals large and small: horses, dogs, cats, wild animals. Birds were flying above, and with them, marine life seemed to be suspended in space, floating closer and closer to me. There were so many animals of so many varied species, I couldn’t count them all.They came close and stopped in front of me, and it seemed I could hear them speaking to me, not with words, but with a knowing. “Hear us, and listen carefully. We hold the wisdom of the earth which you have forgotten. You must reclaim this in order to heal: to heal yourself, to serve all beings, and to help the planet itself. Remember, remember, remember.”

Suddenly I awoke, but the colors of the dream: the dark, expansive black shapes of so many animals, the neon orange and red sky and the light of the sun was still burned into my memory. And the knowledge that I must “do” something.

When I awoke from that dream, something new had taken hold inside of me: a potential and a possibility of expanded awareness and healing.

I’m so happy that I remembered this positive dream in the midst of grieving the fires in my home state. It’s always possible to find the light, even in the darkest moments.

I see now that the Let Animals Lead® philosophy was already taking shape in my heart with the help of animals, even in those early years. To see myself as a small part of something bigger, to realize the beauty and wisdom of all those beings who have come before and all those who will come after, to realize the profound impact we can make as humans on this planet, and to know that our mission is to serve: all of this and more is so much a part of my teachings today.

So the question is, how do we remember? How do we reconnect with our innate heritage of relationship to one another? How do we use the power of our our species to make things right, to make things balanced, to make things whole?

The answer is not simple and cannot be explained in a short blog. But I believe the answer can be found inside of us, inside the essence of our being, of our beautiful inner light. And that is why the answer can most easily be found in those moments of quietude in nature, with ourselves, with the ones we love and with our animal teachers.

That’s why meditation is the foundation of the Let Animals Lead® method. To help you find purpose and passion in your meditation practice, I’ve put together four of my favorite courses on meditation in the Let Animals Lead® Meditation Package. Through these classes, you’ll explore new ways to connect with other species, you’ll cultivate the positive, grounded and respectful qualities you need to gain the trust of even the most sensitive animals and you’ll discover the power of sound to heal through chanting.

CLICK HERE for details, a sample teaching about grounding, and to find out how you can save $207 by buying the entire package instead of the individual courses!

I can’t wait to share these teachings with you to help you reconnect with your deepest wisdom, for I know this will bring contentment, happiness and healing that spread far beyond you into this world. And our world needs healing now more than ever!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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