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Affirmations for Animal Reiki Practitioners

So glad you’re here with me today!

In these uncertain times, I’m so grateful for my Animal Reiki practice, and the grounding it brings me every single day. This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Reiki precepts, and how they support my work with animals. I’ve created some special affirmations based on the precepts, and I hope these affirmations support happiness and peace within you and all around you, today and every day.

Let Animals Lead® Method Affirmations Based on The Reiki Precepts

With daily, mindful attention, I notice when I am angry, so it doesn’t overtake me and I can more easily let it go. I am aware when I become worried, so it loses its power and more easily dissolves. In doing so, I create peace and harmony within myself, which radiates out to others. In releasing anger and worry, I cultivate open-hearted presence. When I am truly present, I can more easily listen to, support and nurture my animals and their healing journeys. I see the perfection of my animal’s essence in this moment and remember that all is well.

With humility and gratitude, I work diligently So that I can find joy in each task I set out to accomplish. Cultivating these values opens my eyes to the gifts and blessings animals bring to my life and to the world (and that I may have otherwise overlooked). This aligns me with my soul’s purpose, so that I can create the greatest good for animals with the life I have been given.

I aspire to make compassionate choices and act kindly towards others. Such a life brings much-needed healing to the human-animal relationship. In doing so, I also create a model for others to bring balance, peace and justice in the world. I always remember the importance of self-care, forgiveness and acceptance.

Just for today: Be light, be love, be peace, be Reiki.

I hope this is helpful and comforting for you today!

May the animals light your way,

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