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A Beautiful Course for Your Dog’s Health

Today I want to let you know about a special course created and hosted by my friend and founder of Sama Dog, Amanda Ree. Amanda and I are true kindred spirits! We share a passion for helping animals and a deep commitment to the power of natural healing.

Amanda is a gifted teacher and sensitive soul who dedicates her life to helping dogs through natural remedies. I’ll be Amanda’s featured guest in the final week’s lesson of this course and hope to see you there!

In this class, Amanda shares her specialized expertise on canine Ayurveda (and you’ll even get one-on-one support from Amanda to create a personalized health plan for your dog!) as well as other natural healthcare principles to support your dog’s health:

Dates: 10/10-11/20


  1. 6 live classes (on Saturday mornings) with amazing and varied guest speakers.

  2. 4 live Q and A calls with Amanda

  3. 6 downloadable guided meditations by Amanda for you and your dog

  4. A one-on-one personalized consult with Amanda to create your dog’s personalized holistic health plan

  5. Plus more!

Check it out and enroll HERE.

Note: registration closes in just 6 days, so don’t delay, register today!

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way!

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