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4 Aspects of Intention in Animal Reiki

Our animals sense our thoughts and feelings easily, and sometimes they realize when we need support even before we do! How many times has your animal come to you, brought you a toy, placed their head in your hand or rubbed against your leg to help you stop for a moment and reset? As I often say in my classes, they are masters of this present moment, and we only need to learn how to listen and be with them!

If we want to honor and respect their sensitivities to our energy and be able to be more present with them, we must learn how to set our intention when we share Animal Reiki session. Last night, I spoke about the role of intention in Animal Reiki during my monthly Animal Reiki Talk podcast. If you missed it, you can CLICK HERE to listen to the recording.

There are 4 aspects of intention we need to be aware of in order to be effective and ethical practitioners. It’s important to remember these in order to create safety and trust, as well as making room for animals to lead the process.

1) Remember that our role as an Animal Reiki practitioner is to merely hold space with an open heart. To help our intention be pure in this way, we must consciously work on letting go of expectations, worries, fears and ego.

2) Let go of physical contact, unless animals seek it out, even if it is easier for us to feel the energetic connection when we are touching them. We must also be aware of how our physical presence affects the comfort of the animal, and be flexible to change our proximity and position to help them feel more comfortable.

3) Be aware of how our mind tends to focus on what is wrong and how that negatively affects our emotions. We must set our intention to see with our “Reiki eyes,” in other words with our heart, so that we can see past an animal’s ailments or issues to the pure inner light of their perfect spirit.

4) Stay mindful in each moment of our Animal Reiki session, so that we can notice if our ego is coming back in, or if we are falling back into worry, fear and expectation. When we are mindful, we can notice more quickly the best physical position and proximity animals want from us, and we can more quickly correct our thoughts when they stray to what is “wrong” by using our Animal Reiki meditations to bring our minds back to balance and peace.

Keeping all these 4 aspects of intention in mind when we want to connect to animals in the Reiki space can help us respect the rights animals have to choose to be with us or not, and also it will make room for animals to become our spiritual teachers, which will deepen our bond with them in beautiful ways! Learn more HERE through last night’s recorded talk.

And finally, this week’s “Animal Reiki Q and A” video is: “What kind of touch do you find horses prefer?”

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Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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