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3 Reasons to Train This Year

This is a big week for my family: My daughter, Indigo is starting High School! It’s kind of crazy how time flies 🙂 I still remember taking her to school on her first day of Kindergarten. With everything happening throughout this pandemic, we’re so grateful that the learning will be in-person this year!

And in the spirit of going back to school….

I’m really excited that I’ll begin another session of Level 1 and 2 certification classes in the Let Animals Lead® method in just two weeks!

If you’re on the fence about getting certified in the Let Animals Lead® method, I’ve got 3 important reasons that you should sign up:

1) It’s a really challenging time to stay positive with all the issues facing animals on top of all the issues facing humans and our world!

When you learn the Let Animals Lead® method, you’ll get practical techniques to help you see with your “Reiki eyes,” or in other words, with your heart. In this way you’ll more easily see the beautiful perfection of the animals you love, even when they are facing big challenges.

2) There’s no other Animal Reiki method in the world that allows animals to lead every session!

In these classes, you’ll learn exactly how (and also the importance of why) to let animals lead Reiki. Allowing a session to unfold under the leadership of your animal teacher will receive grateful and enthusiastic responses from animals 🙂

3) These will be my last level 1 and 2 certification classes offered in 2021!

Why wait to learn a method that will bring tremendous healing to your life as well as change the lives of the animals you love, for the better? Sign up now:

Words from Students:

I’ve been a teacher for thirty years, and she is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. -Pamela H. She is “sunshine in a tea cup”, and all of us “drank up” the sunshine she reflected on us. Thank you Kathleen! -Julia J. What I have learned with Kathleen is hope, love, and joy is always there even in the darkest times. What a gift, this knowledge. – Kathy W. Kathleen creates and holds an incredible space to learn, grow and share where you truly feel deeply encouraged and supported. -Kya It’s life changing. Truly life changing. A priceless, life changing experience. -Brandy L.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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