Pawprint-25px  Mental Focus and the Animal Reiki Treatment Teleclass


mental focus and animal reiki treatment
Photo © 2012 Kathleen Prasad


Special 1-hour Teleclass:

Mental Focus and the Animal Reiki Treatment
Thursday Dec. 6, 6-7PM Pacific time
Cost: $50


Learn how your inner thoughts and feelings can affect an animal during Reiki treatment: they can either encourage or discourage animals to connect with us during Reiki. What kinds of thoughts encourage an animal’s trust? What kinds of thoughts can put an animal “off.” When an animal asks for a treatment, either hands-on or hands-off, how can we focus our thoughts in a way that encourages deep connections. Kathleen will share her personal experiences on this topic and offer some tips and techniques for mentally creating a peaceful, open space in which animals can feel trust and confidence to accept Reiki.
There will be an mp3 recording of this class provided for all participants.
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