Learning to be animal-centric in my approach to Reiki

Who are the animals who teach you the most about Reiki?

My very first Reiki teacher was my sweet dog, Dakota – an Aussie-mix and the smartest dog I’ve ever known. In those days, I only knew how to share Reiki from a “human-centric” approach. In other words, I tried to use hand positions and focus on problem areas the way I did with myself and with my human friends.

Dakota and other animals, such as the shelter dogs I was volunteering with, often walked away from me or showed discomfort when I would reach out and try to “help” them through touch, or if I would focus on their “problem” areas. It didn’t feel right to impose Reiki on them in this way – I wanted to find a way to never offend an animal and to cultivate a love for Reiki by animals as much as I felt in my own experience! Dakota showed such a different response when I let go of the need to “do” a session “to” him, and began taking a step back, allowing him to show me what he wanted.

Thus began my journey to find a new approach, which has evolved into the Let Animals Lead® method. This method is animal-centric in nature and values animal preference, comfort and wisdom above all in the healing process. It guarantees you’ll never offend or cause discomfort in an animal when offering Reiki. It shows you how best to listen to your animal’s wisdom. And it brings to life the concept of “being” Reiki, rather than “doing” it.

Want to support an animal in your life with the Let Animals Lead® approach? CLICK HERE for a on-demand video course that will introduce you to this approach and give you a powerful practice to use with your animal to create a respectful and ethical healing connection.

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Kathleen Prasad

Kathleen Prasad is an entrepreneur, author, educator, spiritual seeker and animal advocate living in beautiful Marin County, California, with her husband, daughter, dog and two horses. She loves being with animals, listening to hip-hop, eating out at vegan restaurants, riding dressage, hiking in the redwoods and traveling the world to meet animal people.
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