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One treatment I gave to a horse taught me the value in allowing animals to choose whether or not to receive hands-on Reiki. This particular horse was a beautiful dark bay mare named Kay. She had a difficult past and needed Reiki to help her release some emotional memories. During the first treatment, I treated her from inside her stall, a few feet away. By the end of the treatment, she had pushed her chest into my hands and fell into a deep sleep, her nose lightly touching my shoulder.

However, when I approached her stall a week later for her second treatment, she moved to the far side and faced away from me, instead of greeting me as before. I decided to do the treatment sitting just outside her stall. As I began the treatment, I asked her permission and she came over to me and touched her muzzle to my hands. Then she moved back against the far wall again, lowered her head and relaxed.

At the same time, the barn cat Clarence, with whom I rarely interacted as he was so independent, suddenly appeared at my feet, meowing to come up into my lap. I placed him gently on my lap, and he immediately began purring and kneading his claws. He remained there for the entire treatment, purring loudly, while Kay periodically moved in close to touch my hands. By the end of the treatment we were all very close together, Kay standing with her nose just above Clarence’s head. It was the most peaceful experience, where I felt Reiki connecting the three of us in a beautiful healing circle of energy.

– Kathleen

– p. 43 Excerpted from Animal Reiki, Ulysses Press 2006.

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Kathleen Prasad

Kathleen Prasad is an entrepreneur, author, educator, spiritual seeker and animal advocate living in beautiful Marin County, California, with her husband, daughter, dog and two horses. She loves being with animals, listening to hip-hop, eating out at vegan restaurants, riding dressage, hiking in the redwoods and traveling the world to meet animal people.
You can learn more about Kathleen here.