Kathleen Prasad credentialsKathleen has studied with:

The International House of Reiki
Most recently, Kathleen has studied with Frans Stiene, a leading researcher on the Japanese origins of the system of Reiki. Kathleen has completed training and initiation in Shinpiden, or Level III Reiki, with Frans. She now enthusiastically incorporates the Japanese techniques for spiritual development and self-healing that she has learned from Frans into her classes.

The Colorado Center for of Traditional Medicine
This is the site of Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac., who specializes in teaching people about the energetic connections between their physical health, their emotions or mental state, their history, and their Spirit. Martha initiated Kathleen in Level 1 and Master Level Reiki.

The Reiki Center of the East Bay
This is the site for Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan, RN, MSN, and offers a wide variety of experiences in Reiki for humans, including Reiki classes, private Reiki treatments, and a low-cost Reiki Clinic. Siddheshwari initiated Kathleen in Level 2 Reiki.

Tosha Silver
A professional psychic and astrologer with an international clientele, Tosha offers seminars, teleclasses and CD’s to guide people to develop the skills they need in order to trust their own answers from the inside, rather than relying on external sources.