ars logo small Animal Wellness Magazine
A magazine devoted to educating the public about holistic care options for animals.

ars logo small Equine Wellness Magazine
Educating readers about natural care for horses.

ars logo small Feline Wellness Magazine
Educating readers about natural care for cats.

ars logo small Holistic Horse Magazine
A quarterly publication dedicated to providing information about holistic therapies to equine caretakers, professionals, and practitioners of complementary therapies.

ars logo small Natural Horse Magazine
A publication focusing on humane and natural care for horses and other animals.

ars logo small Dogs Naturally Magazine
Dedicated to finding the truth about important topics and bringing them to you first hand. Raw feeding, vaccines, alternative methods, big pharma, veterinarians, pet care as well as great insights on behavior and training are some of the important topics we cover.

 ars logo small Whole Dog Journal
Provides well-researched, in-depth articles about all aspects of natural dog care and training.