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Professional Development Support for Let Animals Lead® Practitioners and Teachers

January 1, 2020 @ 10:00 am - January 1, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Get Support for the Whole Year

Maybe you’re feeling discouraged because of transitions of animals you love or who you serve. Perhaps you need support in being present with grace and courage for animals as they navigate senior years and/or hospice. Maybe you haven’t felt confident or equipped to step out into the community to share Animal Reiki on a wider basis. For those of you with an Animal Reiki practice, it can be challenging to find the best ways to work with animals that is respectful and also brings honor and dignity to the animal and their people. Maybe you’ve felt stuck in how to grow your business.

Kathleen’s teachings are designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and turn around our traditional ideas of our relationships with animals. Seeing ourselves as all connected in this beautiful Universe is essential to developing trusting relationships with the animals we want to support. Remembering that animals are our teachers and healers is an important part of the Let Animals Lead® approach, and they will transform your Animal Reiki experiences and the responses you see from animals.

Having Kathleen’s guidance and support throughout the year can help you feel calmer and have greater equanimity as life throws you curve balls. Her passionate, clear and informative way of teaching will open your eyes and heart to new possibilities for growth and success. You can begin to manifest opportunities you never realized were open to you. As you grow and deepen your Animal Reiki practice, you’ll also grow as a person, shedding negative thoughts with the help of animals in your life. You’ll gain much more confidence as Kathleen guides you in a deeper way of allowing animals to teach you and lead you forward to success.

Get ready to enhance your practice and achieve astonishing results in your relationships with animals and their people. Being able to see the perfection in each moment, even the most difficult ones, and to honor and acknowledge animals as equals will support the human-animal relationship and truly level-up your professional practice. Remembering to see with, as Kathleen says, your “Reiki eyes” is so simple and yet so profound. This will set you apart from others as you move forward professionally.

Why join Kathleen’s professional development courses?

Be a part of a community of professionals that protect the dignity of animals in all interactions, believing in their right to have a voice and be equal partners in their own healing journey. The Let Animals Lead® method is an empowering, compassionate and humble way of being with animals that is truly unsurpassed in the Animal Reiki community. Kathleen’s teachings are authentic, insightful and deeply healing for both the practitioner and the animal.

Whether you choose to join as a Practitioner of Excellence or Teacher and Leader, you’ll find these professional development courses will lift your heart and highly motivate you while also providing tangible and practical action items and tools for your professional toolbox.

When we allow love to pour through all that we do as an Animal Reiki practitioner and/or teacher, anything is truly possible. Growth and success are all about love, listening, and letting animals lead.

Ready to get the gentle push you need to expand your Animal Reiki practice? Being a part of this amazing opportunity for professional development, only open to Animal Reiki Source students will be the life-changing, energizing and inspirational foundation you need to open up and expand your professional potential as a Let Animals Lead® ambassador.

The benefits of each of these membership courses are valued at over $500 each, but Kathleen is offering the memberships for much less so that it will be accessible to more of her students.

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