What’s the difference between meditation and Reiki?

This is a great question because it gives me a chance to talk about what Reiki really is. If we look at the system of Reiki, we can see that it has several parts. When we learn Reiki, we learn the Reiki precepts. We also learn how to do specific healing treatments on others. We also learn, in level two or above, the symbols and mantras that are specific to the system of Reiki. We also learn certain breathing techniques such as the Hara breathing or the Hatsurei Ho meditation. These are meditative breathing techniques specific to the system of Reiki. Finally, we will receive attunements or initiations from our teachers.

If we look at each of these pieces of the system of Reiki, we can see that all of them are simply tools to help us get into a meditative state. Reiki really works best when we’re meditating on the precepts, the symbols and the mantras, the breathing techniques or our treatments. We can also see the importance of meditation when our teacher creates a meditative space for us through the Reiju or initiation.

So “doing Reiki” with animals really means we are learning to meditate with the animals. In Reiki, there are certain techniques you would learn, whereas if you took another type of meditative class, you might learn different techniques. Reiki meditation is also special because of its healing intent.

So meditation is the most important part of the system of Reiki, and it also helps us to connect to animals in a much deeper way. Have fun meditating with your animals!