Meditating with Your Horse for Healing

Meditating with Your Horse for Healing 550px

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

This quote by Thich Nhat Hanh is a great reminder of the power of meditation, especially when I am with my horse and he is not feeling well. It sounds so simple, and yet in the midst of a health crisis it’s not always so easy to remember to breathe. Recently my older, retired Quarter horse, Shawnee, had fallen and was standing on three legs when I arrived, groaning with each shift of his weight.

Tess Tells Me What Hurts

Tessarticle 550px

One of my clients was a beautiful white pony named Tess. As I began the treatment, I introduced myself to Tess and explained that I would be offering her Reiki, with her permission. I stood several feet away since this was her first treatment and I didn’t want to startle her with the new sensation of the energy. After a few minutes, she approached my hands and began sniffing them. It was clear that she felt the energy and was very curious about it.

Reiki and Riding: Connections and Reflections


In my work with Reiki and animals, I have always had a special relationship with the horses I have connected with. Well, in reality this connection began long before I knew Reiki, at age 5 when I met my first horse. From that day forward I was absolutely captivated, and my life would never be the same! I am most fortunate now to have two beautiful horses, both of whom I also consider important Reiki teachers to me: one retired quarter horse, Shawnee, and an 8-year-old Paint named Kodiak. Kodiak and I also work together learning the riding discipline called dressage.

Healing Your Horse With Reiki


I happened to be at the barn one day to visit another horse, when I walked by a stall and was shocked by a distraught mare literally writhing in colic pain. Apparently, the cost of surgery was too high, so the horse’s person had decided to “give her one night” to see if she could heal on her own; otherwise, she was to be put down the following morning.

Lucas Says Not Today


Dearest Lucas, We remember your bright energy and beauty and wish you blessings as your spirit now flies free in light and love.
One of the horses I treat on an occasional basis, Lucas, is a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred. He often loves hands-on Reiki, especially if he has a particular ache or pain that needs special attention. He also is a very opinionated horse and let me know on one occasion that he was not open to Reiki that day.


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