3 Lessons About Hard Times My Animal Reiki Practice Taught Me

3 Lessons About Hard Times My Animal Reiki Practice Taught Me

As we enter our 3rd week of shelter in place, here in Marin County, I am figuring out a new routine as I adjust to our new “normal.” As life has gotten quieter, I noticed this week that it strangely felt familiar to me. As I reflected on this I realized that there was one other time in my life when I had to slow way down and stay indoors quite a bit. And when I wasn’t up to visiting with people or going out to eat and so on. This was when I was recovering from breast cancer. There’s nothing like intense uncertainty to put things in perspective! Three experiences really stand out for me about how my Animal Reiki meditation practice helped me get through that time:

3 Ways Animal Reiki Practitioners Can Support Ourselves and Others During COVID-19 Pandemic 💚

I hope today finds you safe and well. Despite the stress and anxiety out in the world due to the Pandemic, I’m making a conscious effort every day to count my blessings. As we enter our 2nd week of “shelter in place” I’m enjoying the fact that I have more time with my family at home than usual and am cooking and baking up quite a myriad of vegan goodies! I’ve also found myself spending a lot of time in quiet contemplation about life, our purpose and what’s really important. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can best support my tribe during these difficult times. I’ve come up with a few suggestions this week that I hope will help each of you to stay more balanced, grounded and peaceful as we take one day at a time.

How to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

I’m writing to you from Marin County, where we’ve just received a “shelter in place” order from the Sheriff’s Department. This is truly an uncertain time in our world, and no one will remain unaffected by this pandemic.

As an empath, I find it more difficult than most to be around community anxiety and panic. I tried to go out to get some supplies today, but after seeing the crowded streets and road rage everywhere, I turned around and went home, sweet home! Although this is a challenging time, I know it’s also an opportunity to bring our Animal Reiki practice to the forefront in order to make a difference in our world, right now. Luckily, this is something we can do energetically, while still practicing social distancing and home isolation.

The Three Biggest Changes I’ve Seen in Animal Reiki

When I started practicing Animal Reiki (AR) back in the 90s, I couldn’t find any AR teachers to study with. Most human Reiki teachers just added a sentence in their classes to say something like, “Animals can also benefit from Reiki sessions.” Because of this, and in addition to dedicating myself to many years of human-based Reiki training, I found myself volunteering as many animal Reiki sessions as possible. I searched for as many varied locations and as many varied species as possible, in order to find the answers to my many questions of AR through the only path open to me at the time: practical, in-the-field experience with animals. I’m so grateful to all the animals who have patiently taught me the proper etiquette of Reiki with animals (and who have forgiven my many well-intentioned mistakes) over the past 22 years!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Do you remember the movie The Sound of Music? That was one of my favorites when I was little, especially that song, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” We all have favorite things that keep us going through tough times. But in reality, the best favorites aren’t “things” at all! They’re the places in the heart and mind that experiencing those “things” take us! In fact, the more we let go of “things,” the more space we make to grow love and light in our lives.