Why animals make meditation look so easy

Animals make the best meditation partners. It’s true! Their natural, calming presence helps to anchor us “in the now,” and they approach life with unconditional love, a real challenge for us humans. Next time your cat rests with its eyes closed, or your dog takes a snooze on your lap, don’t just think about how cute they are (because, of course, they are), but think, too, about what we can learn from them to improve our own meditation practice. Animals are natural meditators, with peaceful, nonjudgmental minds and open hearts. They remind us what we should all strive for whenever we meditate.

If you meditate with your animals already, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t tried it out just yet, let me encourage you to try! Either way, let these chill furbabies inspire your next meditation:

What benefits have you experienced from meditating with animals? Please share in the comments below. (You can read more about this topic here.)

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    Thanks for the article Kathleen and for reminding us we dont have to make an “event” out of meditating,

    My cat is the puuurrrfect teacher of relaxation 🙂



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      Kathleen Prasad


      Hi Lynne, Glad you enjoyed the article – yes kitties are great teachers! 🙂


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