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Core Curriculum by Correspondence

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For students who have at least Level 1 Reiki and are interested in receiving an extremely in depth and practical foundation in Reiki with animals, this class is for you. With Kathleen’s support, the lessons and creative and fun assignments will allow you to experience successful animal Reiki treatments, thus giving you the experience you need to practice animal Reiki with all kinds of animals and in any situation with groundedness and confidence.

This course is divided into 5 lessons. Each Monday for 5 weeks, you will receive an mp3 audio via in addition to a .pdf with the lesson information and instructions. At the end of each lesson, there is a suggested Reiki practice and assignment for you to do. This practice is designed to help you deepen your own understanding of how Reiki heals animals, and how animals respond to treatment. The assignment is designed as a creative way for you to express your biggest “takeaway” lesson from each week. Once I have received all five of your assignments, I will send you your certificate via email.

I also invite you to join my Animal Reiki Talk, the first Tuesday of each month, from 6-7PM Pacific time. This is a great time to share your experiences and ask questions, hear the experiences of others, etc.

I encourage you to reread/re-listen to these lessons many times as you move forward in your practice. You might want to write your practice observations and results in your own personal “Animal Reiki Journal.” This journal will be invaluable to your animal Reiki journey! Here is a fun journal you might want to get: the “Be Reiki Pawprint” Journal available from my cafepress store:

Be Reiki Pawprint Journal

Lesson 1:

Goal and Overview

The Approach, And A Few Golden Rules to Keep in Mind           

Assignment: Create a symbol and description

Lesson 2:

Considerations before you begin treatment; Communicating with humans about what an animal Reiki treatment is and is not

Assignment: Vision Board

Lesson 3:

Staying Positive

The healing ripple effect


Building a healing partnership suggestions:

The treatment space

 Length of treatment

Introducing yourself/setting intention

Assignment: Reiki partner discussion/feedback: Affirmations and Introductory Practices

Lesson 4:

Signs of Acceptance


Hands-on Treatments

How to tell if an animal doesn’t want treatment

Assignment: Three Photos w/Captions

Lesson 5:

Healing Reactions

Ending and After Treatment

Suggested Treatment Programs

Suggestions for Practitioner Excellence

Special Issues:

Wild Animals

Dying Animals

Other modalities

Volunteering at Shelters and Sanctuaries

Assignment: Spiritual Sculpture, Final Contemplation





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Praise for the Course:

I love this course! In the five week audio core curriculum course, I learned the importance of patience and being grounded while sharing reiki with animals.  The course provided the structure, guidance and tools needed to practice reiki with animals in a way that is beneficial to both the animals and the practitioner.  The weekly assignments were clever, fun and thought provoking.  I 100% recommend this course! 
– Loriann V., CA

Kathleen, your comprehensive five week Core Curriculum Animal Reiki course was exactly what I needed to break through to the next level of my Reiki experiences with animals. I’ve enjoyed offering Reiki to animals for years but your generous sharing of detailed information, and your terrific out-of-the-box creativity opened doors I didn’t even know existed to what is truly possible with Animal Reiki. The over-arching takeaway for me (and my new guiding mantra) was your touching quote, “You don’t DO Reiki TO animals, you BE Reiki WITH animals.” What a blessing you are to the planet. One hundred thousand thank-yous. I look forward to the opportunity to come to California to attend one of your courses/workshops with you in the fall. -Ann V., Canada

The Animal Reiki Workshop through Correspondence Course is just great! I have learned so much about me and animals. I learned how we are so connected to animals. It’s amazing their ability to teach us. I learned to LET GO…I don’t think in how I’m doing Reiki I just let Reiki. I worry less about technique and focus more on being open to love and compassion through which Reiki heals. Thank you- Many Blessings!
– Sandra S., TX