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Buffalo Blessings

I’m so glad you’re here, dear Ones. I know it’s tough right now in the world, and a very uncertain time for all of us.

It’s easy to give into feelings of powerlessness and imagine that we are all alone. But this week, I’ve created a special video to help turn your mind and heart to the positive.

In Honor of Harley the Hog, It’s Time to End Factory Farming

Animal Reiki with Harley the Hog

Today I take heavy thoughts, and embrace them in light and the possibility of a future filled with compassion and healing for animals….

Today I remember Harley, a beautiful hog who lived at BrightHaven and brought joy and light to my life, my daughter’s life, and the lives of so many visitors and Reiki students who met him. He was gentle and kind, affectionate and silly, and met his physical challenges (he lost the use of his hind end the last 4 years of his life) with grace and acceptance.

I get by with a little help from my …

How are you all hanging in there? I must admit, I’ve been feeling a bit of isolation exhaustion over the past few days.

I miss traveling, teaching (in person) and hiking in nature every day with my dog. I consoled myself by binge watching “Anne with an E” on Netflix (loved it!), petting my collie and watching my daughter make me vegan gluten-free strawberry shortcake for Mother’s Day.

How Animals Bless, Change and Heal Us

With all the challenges that today’s pandemic-reality world presents us, what a blessing our animals give us by their comforting, loving presence. It’s wonderful to be able to spend so much time bonding with them, isn’t it? I know many of you also have chosen this time at home to foster or adopt a special animal in need. I’ve created a special meditation to support this new relationship and the “new home” adjustment. CLICK HERE to watch. Please let me know what you think in the video comments!

In honor of the blessings adopted animals bring to our lives, today I want to share with you about a dog in my life whom I’m so incredibly grateful for! This dog gave me the spark that changed the course of my life forever!