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Gratitude and Kindness Can Heal Our World: Animal Reiki Practice, Precepts and the Pandemic

Last week we celebrated 50 years of Earth Day, and I want to share with you that I believe gratitude and kindness can heal our world! I’ve created a special video meditation connecting with trees to help bring a sense of gratitude, peace and calm to your day. CLICK HERE to watch, and I hope you enjoy it!

Show Your Love for Kitties of All Kinds

SARA is excited to release its new Let Animals Lead® – Kitty Love t-shirt. Created in our classical Let Animals Lead® Meditate design, this t-shirt honors all kitties – from a big lion down to a beloved house cat. Our kitties are giving us lots of love and support as we work from home and this is our small way to say thank you and honor them! CLICK HERE to order your t-shirt or sweatshirt today! This fundraiser ends soon, so don’t wait! We hope you enjoy this new design and a percentage of all sales go directly to SARA, so thank you for your support!

Rise Above with Animal Reiki: Relax, Reconnect, Radiate

Rise Above with Animal Reiki: Relax, Reconnect, Radiate

How are you dear One?

This week, I’ve created a special video for you:

“Animal Reiki Meditation with Dog Energy: Honoring Others by Listening from the Heart”

I hope this meditation helps you to become more present in this moment and to remember the healing power of listening with our whole being to our loved ones. Dog energy helps us access the power of our inner heart and the unconditional love that resides there. What a beautiful gift, to be able to honor others with a listening heart! Especially now when we’re spending so much time in our homes, what better time to open our hearts to the teachings that animals bring!

3 Lessons About Hard Times My Animal Reiki Practice Taught Me

3 Lessons About Hard Times My Animal Reiki Practice Taught Me

As we enter our 3rd week of shelter in place, here in Marin County, I am figuring out a new routine as I adjust to our new “normal.” As life has gotten quieter, I noticed this week that it strangely felt familiar to me. As I reflected on this I realized that there was one other time in my life when I had to slow way down and stay indoors quite a bit. And when I wasn’t up to visiting with people or going out to eat and so on. This was when I was recovering from breast cancer. There’s nothing like intense uncertainty to put things in perspective! Three experiences really stand out for me about how my Animal Reiki meditation practice helped me get through that time: