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 Learn Compassionate Ways to Heal Yourself and Your Animals

Listening to Kathleen's audio courses can help you to go deeper into your spiritual journey with animals. Kathleen's voice is one of her greatest tools; allow yourself to be guided towards peace and wellness through her gentle philosophy, respectful approach and peaceful meditations.

See below for a variety of topics to help support your best, compassionate life!


Helping Animals with the Japanese Reiki Precepts

Helping Animals with the Japanese Reiki Precepts

Chant for animals! Learn three powerfully healing chanting practices using the original Japanese version of the Reiki precepts. Participants will also receive a beautiful animal graphic showing the precepts in Japanese and with the English translation. Click here for more info and to sign up.


The Medicine Buddha Chant Audio 300px

Medicine Buddha Chant

Kathleen has created this profoundly moving and sacred chant to support the healing of people and their animals. Chant along, or listen and soak up the healing! Click here for more info and to listen to a sample of the audio.

Animals and the Elements Course 1 300px

Animals and the Elements Course 1:
Luminous Meditations with Colors and Shapes

In 6 inspiring lessons, discover how combining the 5 elements with visualizations of colors, shapes and animal totems supports healing, harmony and balance. Click for more info and to sign up.

Animals and the Elements Course 2 300px

Animals and the Elements Course 2:
Sacred Meditations with Precepts and Affirmations

In 6 encouraging lessons, discover how combining the elements with Reiki precepts, affirmations and an animal totem supports healing, clarity and compassion. Click for more info and to sign up.

Animal Reiki for Peaceful Warriors Audio Course 300px

Animal Reiki for Peaceful Warriors Audio Courses: Choose Reiki 1, 2 or 3

Let Reiki help you stay centered and calm in all kinds of situations as you offer service to animals. Each audio course is 3 hours long and geared to a specific level of Reiki practice. Click here for more info and to sign up.

Heal Yourself Heal Your Animals

Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals

Animal lovers: get ready to experience the benefits of meditation for you AND for your animals with 5 hours of inspiring audio! Even better: the first hour of this series is free! Click here for more info and to sign up.

ReikiforDogsaudiocoursegraphic 260px

Reiki For Dogs Audio Course

Kathleen shares stories behind the writing, guides you through meditations and shares indepth discussions and insights from the book. A simple yet profound journey of transforming your relationship with your dog! Click here for more info and to sign up.

Animal Healing Meditations Audio 300px

Animal Healing Meditations

These soothing meditations will help you connect with your animals and access peace and strength for healing. Click here for more info and to sign up.

Simple Ways to Attract Animals with Reiki 300px

Simple Ways to Attract Animals with Reiki

Cost: $39

In this 1-hour audio, learn several specific Reiki practices that will make you more successful in helping the animals you love! The more we become aware of the things animals appreciate about Reiki, the better connections we can make.

Be a Mountain Audio 300px

Be the Mountain Audio Course

Cost: $39

This 1-hour audio course is all about grounding: why it's important in animal Reiki, why it's so challenging to stay grounded and much more. You'll learn ways to stay centered no matter what situation you and your animal may face. Includes a relaxing "be the mountain" guided meditation. Suitable for all animal lovers.

Mental Focus and the Animal Reiki Treatment Audio 300px

Mental Focus and Animal Reiki Treatments

Cost: $35

This 1-hour audio will help you learn how your inner thoughts and feelings can affect an animal during a Reiki treatment - either encouraging or discouraging animals to connect with us.  Kathleen will provide tips for focusing your thoughts in ways that encourage deeper connections with the animals - sharing personal experiences and techniques for creating a peaceful, open space in which animals can feel trust and confidence to accept Reiki.

finding your center 300px

Finding Your Center: Healing the Animals of the World by Going Within

Cost: $35 

 In this enlightening 1-hour audio course, learn how we must step inward to effect our outer world. We often define our world by our physical actions, rather than our inner spiritual world. Yet in reality, the two go hand in hand. Kathleen will offer some meditative practices and tips to help you find your own center, to assist the animals in your life.

Reiki and Power Animals 300px

Reiki and Power Animals: Remembering Your Inner Tiger, Bear & Alligator

Cost: $35


Five Power Animal Meditations Course 

Cost $35

Click here for more information and to listen to a free sample meditation.

Healing Fearful Animals with Reiki Audio 300px

Healing Fearful Animals with Reiki

Cost: $35

In this 1-hour audio, learn practical techniques for approaching fearful animals that supports healing. Learn how to build courage from a foundation of trust, grounding and acceptance, how to recognize and open to healing your own issues an animal may mirror and how realizing and trusting your own empowerment will help you help the animals!

To touch or Not To Touchi Audio 300px

To Touch or not to Touch? Physical Contact, Human Intuition and the Animal Reiki Treatment

Cost: $35

This 60-minute audio covers topics such as: a working definition of the animal Reiki healing process, the role of touch and intuition during a treatment, how to determine when and if hands-on Reiki is appropriate and more!

Affirmations Chakra Healing Audio 300px

Affirmations and Chakra Healing for Animals

Cost:  $39

In this 70-minute audio co-taught by Lynn McKenzie of and Kathleen Prasad:

Kathleen Prasad will help you create affirmations based upon each Reiki precept and discuss the best approach for creating a "healing space" for animals using these affirmations.

Lynn McKenzie briefly reviews the 9 major animal chakras and show you how to incorporate the affirmations for chakra healing for animals,  determine how your own chakra energy impacts the animals and what you can do about it, and adopt clear and impeccable intentions that support greater healing for all beings.

5 Things You Need To Know About Animal Reiki 300px

5 Things You Need to Know About Animal Reiki Today

Cost: $39

This special 1-hour audio will help you realize a deeper practice of Reiki with the animals you love! 

- Discover a NEW way to talk about Reiki that EVERYONE can relate to.
- Learn the number one distraction to our mental focus, and how to overcome it.
- Learn the best state of mind to be in during treatment - and how to stay there!
- Learn why animals show us we MUST "let go and let Reiki."

Reiki Animal Hospice and Transitions Audio 300px

Reiki, Animal Hospice and Transitions: How Practitioners Can Best Support the Process

Cost: $35

This 1-hour audio covers topics such as Reiki's role in hospice and the dying process, techniques to help us to lead with courage, positivity and to "let go and let Reiki, how sharing the energetic space of transition with an animal will also bring transformational lessons for the practitioner and more!

Reiki Initiations and Animals Audio 300px

Reiki Attunements/Initiations from the Animal Reiki Teacher Perspective

Cost: $35

This 60-minute audio covers topics such as the definition and purpose of Reiki attunement/initiation and how it can facilitate animal healing. Kathleen will also share her experiences with animal participation in attunements/initiations and her philosophy of attunements/initiations for animals.

The HEART YOUR ANIMALS Teleclass Series

Heart Your Animals Series

Cost: $149

In this audio course, discover how the awesome power of meditation can heal our animals and us!

Choose your favorite or get the whole series of 4 audios.

The Heart of Healing - Simple Ways to Boost the Bond Between You and Your Animal
Cost: $39

The Heart of Connection - Simple Ways to Dissolve Differences to Help Your Animals When They Need You Most
Cost: $39

The Heart of Change - Simple Ways to Embrace Impermanence for the Good of Our Animals

The Heart of Struggle - Simple Ways to Surround Yourself and Your Animals With Peace in Difficult Times
Cost: $39


Species Specific Reiki Audios 300px

Species-specific Animal Reiki Audio Classes

Each unique and uplifting 1-hour audio will inspire you to share Reiki with all kinds of animals! 

Reiki for Dogs - Cost: $35

Reiki for Cats - Cost: $35

 Reiki for Horses - Cost: $35

Reiki for Wild Animals - Cost: $35

sara logo 311px

Additional Animal Reiki Audio Classes through Shelter Animal Reiki Association - SARA

3 Easy Ways to Heal your Animals - Cost: $20

with Animal Communicator Val Heart and SARA President Kathleen Prasad. This 75-minute audio course teaches 3 easy-to-use techniques to help your animals to heal.

Reiki Symbols and Mantras: Useful Tools for the Animal Reiki Treatment - Cost: $35

with Kathleen Prasad.

Reiki in Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries - Cost: $20

with Kathleen Prasad, moderated by Carol Schultz of Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network.

Animal Reiki Revisited What is True Healing

Animal Reiki Revisited: What Is True Healing?

Cost: $39

Let's talk about what true healing is and how, when we uncover this true healing, the system of Reiki can become a powerful healing tool to help us support our animals -- and ourselves.



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