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Pawprint-25px Animal Reiki Workshop:
Core Curriculum by Correspondence


Prerequisite: Must have at least Reiki I

Next Session Begins Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuition: $199





For students who have at least Level 1 Reiki and are interested in receiving an extremely in depth and practical foundation in Reiki with animals, this class is for you. With Kathleen's support, the lessons and corresponding homework assignments will allow you to experience successful animal Reiki treatments, thus giving you the experience you need to practice animal Reiki with all kinds of animals and in any situation with groundedness and confidence.

This Workshop consists of 5 lessons. Lessons are emailed on Mondays for five consecutive weeks. Students complete the homework assignments and email Kathleen the results, questions and any issues that arise. Kathleen provides feedback through email. Once all homeworks are completed, students receive a Certificate of Completion.



Paying by Check:

Contact Kathleen at info@animalreikisource.com and let her know you are sending your check by mail so she can hold your space in the class.

Please make your check payable to:
Animal Reiki Source
369B Third St., #156
San Rafael, CA 94901

What Students Are Saying:


The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum is a wonderful blessing.  Kathleen's approach is unique.  I have been a Reiki master since 1999, but her approach to using  Reiki with animals challenged me to connect not only with the animals but also with myself. The weekly assignments were not always an easy task to complete but Kathleen gave me as much time as I needed and returned each one to me with words of encouragement and ideas to incorporate into my practice.  I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in working with animals and Reiki.
- Karan G., Canada

I have very much enjoyed the Core Curriculum program you developed.   I have enjoyed reading the lessons and applying the exercises.  I love that I can go back and read and reread them again to see more in depth information as my experience grows.   I especially loved that you made a few different exercises to help reach all confidence levels, so they were not overwhelming & could then be more enjoyable.   I have enjoyed many wonderful experiences because of the exercises, and it has increased my confidence & joy in sharing Reiki.   I highly recommend this class!!
- Kathleen M., NY


Let me begin by saying that I am a licensed Psychologist in New York, having been so for many years.  I have always been drawn to animals, since I was a little girl.  I decided that I wanted to follow a gift that I was given, that is, animals and I seemed drawn to each other, and I feel joyous when I am able to be with them.  I stumbled upon Kathleen and her work as I searched for a teacher who could open this new world that I wanted to explore.  She seemed to reflect an attitude and way of being in the world that best fit with the view that I held.

From my first words with her, Kathleen enriched me with knowledge, every exchange was filled with words that had depth and meaning that were chosen carefully, so that I could hardly wait for more exchanges and guidance.  I wish we had Kathleen here on the East coast because I would travel to her often if I were able!  I do plan to seek much more training with Kathleen.  Her knowledge seems to emanate from a place that is much more than just years of training, it comes from a sensitivity of life, much more ancient than we who are in it.  Thank you Kathleen, for bestowing your brilliance, your kind steering, and your enthusiasm that lights a path for animals to have better lives.  Kathleen is a one-in-a-million teacher of our generation, and we are so lucky to have her with us.  Thank you Kathleen Prasad.
- Robin B., NY



With the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum, Kathleen accompanied me through a journey to a complete new world of enhanced relationships with animals. Each lesson is a progressive step towards better understanding of animals, but also of yourself. As a teacher, Kathleen is a true listener and offers valuable help and support. I can’t recommend this course more highly.
- Nicolas G., France

I recently took the Animal Reiki Workshop from Kathleen Prasad and it was a wonderful way to fine tune my practice with offering Reiki to animals.  For years I was a bit fuzzy as to the actually practice of Reiki when dealing with animals and through Kathleen's excellent guidance and lessons, it cleared up so many questions that I had.  Not only do I consider her an expert in the field but her approach is both cutting edge and the most respectful approach I've encountered when dealing with our beloved animals that share the earth with us.  I absolutely adore what she is does as a founder of SARA, Shelter Animal Reiki Assoc., and the new initiatives that she is wanting to incorporate in the future.  I definitely want to be apart of her loving effort to help heal animals in need.

Kathleen presents the material in a very easy to understand manor and gives productive and encouraging feedback and solutions any time you ask for guidance.  She always makes herself available to help which is so refreshing.  I recommend any and all of her classes.  I just wish I lived closer to her to take full advantage of the courses in person.  Kathleen is a very gentle loving soul who selflessly and willingly shares her knowledge with all that want to take part.  She is such a treasure to our world and in the world of Reiki healing.  I feel very blessed that our paths crossed.  
- Linda G, FL


Kathleen's tuition opened up a world of Reiki which made good sense to me, and has proven to be incredibly effective.  The online content was so powerful and so specific to positive outcomes that it was just as effective as any in-person or hands-on course.  I've seen some wonderful things since I started Animal Reiki with Kathleen.  Thanks to her deep understanding and compassion for animals, I found a way to give back to the animals who share their worlds with us.
- Linda K.,  Australia

It has been a pleasure working with you those last weeks and my life has changed positively through the Reiki meditations. My cat and my dog are happier,I am much more relaxed and centered and  more in connection with the universe.
- Francoise H.

The Core Curriculum class was a great way to get focused on offering my reiki services to animals. The meditations and exercises helped deepen my practice and my understanding of how to best work in the animal community.  The practical tips, along with Kathleen's individualized feedback from each lesson, were invaluable.
- Donna G., NY 


One of the best things that I learn in my life is reiki for animals with Kathleen, and I feel each person who practices Reiki, needs to know Reiki for animals, because animals have many things to teach us, and Reiki help to create these connections with animals. Each lesson with Kathleen was a journey to a beautiful experience, to open my mind a little more, to connect more to the source of love in the earth and connect more with my animals. I learned that no matter what I am doing with the animals, I can go deeper in the connections with them.  Everybody can do it, we all have this light inside. This is good for me because I like to help animals. I have an animal sanctuary in my country, and this is a beautiful way to help more, not only the animals in my shelter, but the animals in any shelter, in any place."
- Juliana Castañeda, Founder Paramatma Farm Animal Sanctuary, Colombia

I’d definitely recommend Kathleen’s Animal Reiki Core Curriculum workshop to all who are serious about their intent to advance with healing animals. As it happened, only days after enrolling in the course, one of my cats was diagnosed with vaccine-induced cancer in a hind leg. The course was there for me in such a big way as we traversed the new and potentially terrifying territory of amputation and early recovery.

 “Peaceful mind, peaceful heart, peaceful animals” brought us through. Each and every spot-on installment of the course was exactly what we needed in the moment, and practice of the carefully building content worked its wonders on both my own and my cat’s wellness. What could have been a much more trying post-operative confinement period was beautiful time passed in precious realizations as we steadily healed. The surgeon soon reported my cat’s progress as wonderful, and my own health issues that I’d been dealing with for over a year, had noticeably improved.

 As the magic of healing would have it, an intensity of challenges to friends’ pets’ health found their way to us during this period of particular focus as well. Thanks to the thorough nature of the course, it was rewarding and uplifting to be able to offer distance Animal Reiki that was greatly appreciated. Having not only the content of the course, but also Kathleen herself by our side, through her thoughtful and personal weekly input, was a clear blessing.
- Pamela M., Washington

Mme Prasad est une formatrice expérimentée et intègre. Elle est très engagée dans sa démarche et se donne beaucoup pour nous permettre d' apprendre toujours plus. Ma formation m'a permise de vivre des moments d'amour, de joie et d'étonnement lors des séances avec les animaux. Elle m'a permise également de travailler sur ma propre personne comme individu et comme praticienne Reiki pour humain et pour animaux. Merci Mme Prasad - Françoise P., Canada

Kathleen's nuanced lessons and gentle feedback have given me the knowledge and confidence to start my animal Reiki practice. I look forward to learning more from her in the future! - Scarlet S., CA

Recently I completed the Animal Reiki Core Workshop via Correspondence with  Kathleen Prasad.  I chose the course by correspondence because of my busy schedule.  The course fit my schedule perfectly. Little did I know that the course would completely change my life.  I am a certified Reiki Master and Certified Animal Chaplain.  I did not expect the many, many blessings I  received.  Each lesson was presented with clarity and focus to the point.  Each lesson was easy to understand.  Each practice was easily adaptable and enjoyable.  Each practice also provided more than one option to fit individual situations. I learned many valuable lessons from the course and each animal I worked with, throughout the course.  Most of all I learned to open my heart and let reiki lead the way to deeper connections with animals and deeper connections to love.  I highly recommend the course to everyone new to reiki and at any level of reiki. - Kathy M., ME

Kathleen's Correspondence Workshop was clear with direction and lessons. I work with Animal owners and Veterinarians and am always looking for a concise way to share the benefits and teach Reiki so that it can be integrated into our Western culture of medicine.   This Workshop helped to strengthen my Reiki  journey.  The more we as healers connect and unite the more compassionate and open our worlds will become.  Animals will become more respected and credited with their personal intelligence. - Kathleen L., WI

The Animal Reiki Core Curriculum Course was the perfect partner to my traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho training and certification at the Level III/Shinpiden Master Teacher level, and as a professional Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.  Animals, even all living things have been my life-long teachers, and Kathleen Prasad’s course was an ideal reminder of—with valuable perspective added—enhancing the purpose of that connection, of inter-being.  Kathleen’s warm, compassionate, and lyrical style in correspondence, as well as in instruction blended most harmoniously with the actual lessons—of which were fun, intuitive, and very flexible in homework choices.  Her tips for building animal rescue and shelter partnerships were proactive and supportive for all involved.  Additionally, her follow-up answers to my questions and remarks to my homework were especially thoughtful; she clearly takes the time to answer the needs of the individual—both human and animal, while building important bridges in our special community of compassion and care. – Lori M. CA

Thank you Kathleen for making the core curriculum course available through correspondence.I waited for mondays every week for five weeks.I immersed myself in my lessons and practices ,and practiced what I had learnt on the animals who came into my experience.

With this course I went much deeper in to my healing journey,and Kathleen taught me how to be Reiki.I found the core of my being.This course validated me at so many levels and my relationship with animals went more deep; there was nothing to do-- just" be".

Kathleen is so warm ,full of wisdom ,gentle,and so helpful.Thank you Kathleen for giving me feedback ,helping out with the information on TOLFA India,and so much more.It was an honour to be your student.Thank you for helping me understand me,and my animals, and for giving me the confidence and courage to carry on with my life's purpose.
- Priya S., India

The Animal Reiki Core Curriculum far exceeded my expectations. I had hoped it would help provide a transition into working more with animals. I was surprised by how much confidence I had after the 5 week program. Kathleen teaches in a way that is so supportive and caring, and provides helpful feedback to questions and concerns. I deeply appreciated her utmost respect for animals, and how she passes on a very different way of working with Reiki. I’ve learned a new way of listening and responding to animals. The cats at the local rescue are benefitting from Kathleen’s teaching, as are my own cats, and the other animals I’ve had the privilege of working with. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who would like to learn or deepen their Reiki practice with animals. - Judy F., Canada

Thank you so much for this wonderful course, Kathleen! I would highly recommend the “Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence” to anyone interested in receiving a solid and practical foundation in the basics of animal Reiki. The lessons, homework assignments, and Kathleen`s support and feedback have provided me with so much inspiration, knowledge and confidence. It also helped me realize that in order to be able to support the animals, we need to start with the basics, which is ourselves! And the first step is to develop a daily meditation practice. Only when we are grounded and centered in ourselves can we really be there for the animals. Our animal friends can also be excellent meditation partners, as my beloved dog, Ahanta, showed me:) Kathleen`s teachings and approach to Reiki with animals resonates so deeply with me. The animals are our spiritual teachers and guides, and we have so much to learn from them. Thank you for being who you are, Kathleen, and for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am truly grateful. I look forward to many more of your wonderful classes moving forward on my animal Reiki journey:) - Gina L., Norway

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this course! Regardless of where you are on your Reiki path, there will be so many things to be learned in this course. It takes you beyond the traditional approach to Reiki and into the realm of truly connecting with animals through Reiki. Kathleen is an amazing teacher and an inspiration to all. Thank you for everything you do for the animals, Kathleen! - Tracey L. CA

The Core Curriculum establishes very defined goals, provides guidance, support and personal assistance while bringing clarity to the meditative healing experience with the animals.  Kathleen Prasad's guidance helped me to understand the subtleties of working with the animals as well as strengthening the understanding of how to approach and offer treatment to the animals. - Nancy R.

The Animal Reiki Workshop really changed the way I understand Reiki for animals. The lessons were amazing, and Kathleen's feedback was precious, really helped me to "be" Reiki with the animals. - Suzana B., Brazil

Curiously it was my dog who led me to Reiki and, naturally, to Kathleen’s classes. Thank you so much for the clarity and simplicity of your instruction, and the amazing sense of support and encouragement you offer at all times. I have been inspired and fascinated by the animals responses both to Reiki and to me as a consequence of having shared Reiki with them.witness the amazing responses of all animals to Reiki energy. It has been an incredible experience and I am eager to continue with what I have learned.  - Rho P., Gran Canaria.

I became aware of Kathleen when I came across to her wonderful book “Animal Reiki”. After reading it, I knew I had to contact her. I took the Animal Reiki Workshop and it exceeded my expectations, she is a very knowledgeable person and her respectful approach to animals reminded me they are energy entities as well and Reiki is a wonderful vehicle to offer healing and establish a deeper connection with them.
I really appreciate Kathleen’s feedback and recommendations; she is a true expert and someone always willing to give the right advice.
- Gissele O., TX

Kathleen Prasad is an excellent teacher who expertly employs the art of gentle words filled with loving intent, while strictly adhering to standards and offering a variety of fascinating projects and assignments. In five lessons I gained as much as I needed to soothe a flock of angry wild birds, receive communication from and calm a hostile diabetic cat, reassure and de-stress a dog whose human was in the final stages of cancer, and more. Kathleen's Animal Reiki class is about more than animals -- it helps refine our humanity. - Natalie B., PA

Kathleen is such a beautiful spirit.  I connected with her so much through this course and will definately be taking more classes with her.  What a blessing she is to me and to our wonderful animal friends. - Carrie M., NC

I'm a level 3 pratictioner and I have started to offer Reiki at the local shelter about one year ago. At the beginning I've had some difficulties because I didn't know how to behave exactly with the shelter animals and I was somehow trying to offer them the same treatment I was offering to people. Most of the times it didn't work properly.So I started to trust my intuition and things improved a little bit but the greatest help has been provided to me by Kathleen's books. I have read these before attending her correspondence course and I was willing to learn more. I must admit that this workshop has been an added benefit. Kathleen is a very supportive teacher, her lessons  have helped me understand how to connect with the animals at a very deep level and they cover also very practical aspects of the Reiki practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about the animals and the Animal Reiki. -Paola S., Italy

I took this course following Reiki II at Brighthaven, initially because it's a requirement for obtaining Reiki III through Kathleen, which is something I want to do when the time is right.  I wasn't sure if a course by email would be effective, after the wonderful hands-on experience at Brighthaven, but I found that it functioned as a valuable follow-up to that class., allowing me to delve deeper and more thoughtfully into the material.  The information provided in the correspondence course is concise, informative, to the point, and can be applied right away. There is homework each week, and you get to choose from a selection of possible assignments (all reasonable), so completing the homework was never a problem.  In fact, the homework often just happened to mesh wonderfully with events and opportunities in my life and give things an extra "nudge" in the right direction. - Jan F., CA

For me, Kathleen's Correspondence Course has been a combination of new perspectives/approaches, validations of things I've been doing already, thoughts/suggestions for future goal setting for my animal Reiki business and a source of deeper connection with my cherished one, Shrugg. I will reflect on each of the sessions and continue to reference them in my work with animals here in Manitoba and I am very much looking forward to attending the Animal Reiki Master session in 2014. - Kerissa, C., Canada

The Animal Reiki Workshop showed me the incredible way of using Reiki for animals. Never ever I would have expected that humans could be so deeply connected with them. Kathleen taught me not only how to help animals but also how to listen to and understand them.  I hope I can one day show this way to others as well.  Many thanks for everything Kathleen. - Zuzka K., Slovakia

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have worked with animals and people for 25 years.  I just completed the Animal Reiki Core curriculum program and found it helpful on many levels.  Kathleen's program taught me to develop and enhance my inner source of energy so that I can utilize it to strengthen my work in healing with animals. It helped me to increase my ability to tap into my energy and allow it to flow much more freely.  Kathleen's program also supported me in validating my work with energy and healing and to stay strong and grounded in when challenged by skeptics.  I would highly recommend this course to those who love animals and want to help to give back as they give us so very much. - Tricia F.

I found Kathleen to be a wonderful and supportive teacher!  Her Animal Reiki Core Curriculum by correspondence class was a pure joy to do and gave me sooo much insight and useful information. - Mona R., WA
I learned so much more that I expected through Kathleen's Animal Reiki correspondence course and I was able to strengthen my connection and communication with animals on a much deeper level.  Kathleen's tremendous respect and concern for animals is clearly expressed in the content and intention of this wonderful course.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to strengthen their connection to their animals or for those looking to do Reiki with animals professionally.  Thank you Kathleen!
- Clare F.

The Animal Reiki Workshop was a wonderful experience and is highly recommended. Kathleen's compassion, her dedication to healing animals and her wish to share her gift to with us all shone through in each of the weekly lessons and in her prompt feedback. These lessons helped me connect with the animals I wished to heal and gave me a wonderful insight into the practical elements of Animal Reiki. I have since connected with a local shelter and joined the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and I look forward to further education through Kathleen! Blessings :) - Helen W.

Kathleen’s Core Animal Reiki class, which I took on-line, is powerful.  Each lesson builds on the previous one, and as I followed her suggestions and assignments, my ability increased, as did my confidence.  The lessons also cover practical aspects of a Reiki practice.  Particularly helpful was the weekly feedback received from Kathleen after I submitted my results.  It was wonderful - and such a positive experience to work with her.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about animal Reiki or contemplating beginning an animal Reiki practice. - Sue C., VA

To say I am grateful to have come across Kathleen and how she teaches reiki would be a complete understatement.  I am inspired by her simple, connective approach to life and spirituality, and how she lives in humility and gentleness.  Kathleen walks her talk; she lives the teachings of connection and heart interactions. I have gotten sooo much from her courses. Patience is a virtue, and Kathleen shows me how it does pay off to stop and listen; what it is to get out of the mind and breathe in the connection of the earth and the beautiful creatures here as they truly are our greatest teachers.  They live this way,  and they can bring us back to this truth.   Kathleen teaches/shows/lives the truth of the beauty of being alive and how to get inside yourself and truly just be in that space; it is simple and yet so profound.  And to come across Kathleen who continually reminds us of this undeniable truth, who continues to make it about the animals and the life force that we are observing, breathing, experiencing, to keep getting back inside yourself, to simplify and live fully in this moment by being AWARE of this moment, well that is wonderful to find in a human being, and even more wonderful in a teacher. Thank you Kathleen; deep gratitude to you! - Kristy B., CA

Taking this class reopened my heart and mind to the healing power of energy. In this short class, I saw first hand one of my feral cats healed. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher. I look forward to taking additional classes from her! - Kim Pempin, Founder, The Pet Food Pantry of OKC, Inc.

I have very much enjoyed the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum correspondence course.  I am a Reiki II practitioner and have been offering reiki to the animals at my local shelter for the past three years.  The course has given me a deeper insight into what reiki means to these animals, and how it aids them to become more balanced and thus improve their chances of adoption.  I wondered how such a “hands-on” topic could be taught via correspondence but Kathleen has a way to set the right homework, often with a choice to suit most situations, and her prompt responses are articulate and helpful.  Further, the course, or should I say Kathleen herself, has inspired me to go deeper with my reiki work.  Working with animals is sometimes hard as it is easy to lack fortitude since there is little validation of the immediate result of one’s work, however, with Kathleen’s encouragement I feel more confident in the success of my reiki work. - Rosie B., Australia

Kathleen's Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence, was an enjoyable learning experience! Guided by Kathleen's weekly lessons, and her personal informative feedback, was more than wonderful! This class guided me to another level, with ease. I have been inspired to take more classes from her; and to continue to develop myself, and my Reiki practice. Kathleen is a wonderful, compassionate, and supportive teacher : ) I can sincerely recommend this course to you. You will gain confidence, knowledge, and inspiration. You will be supported, and not feel alone. You will learn as much about yourself, as you will about the animals! Thank You so much for this experience ! - Tutie B., HI

Kathleen has taught me that there are really no bounds to whom Reiki works with, and what it does. My approach to animals is now much more healing, and less intrusive. The beginning Animal Reiki lessons by email were perfect for my busy schedule, and the homework was honest, moving and difficult at times. Kathleen listens well, has great advice, and sees more than I write! I am glad I took the class. I, my dogs, my distant Reiki cats, my backyard, and the animals I met thank you, Kathleen!  - Betty M., CA

I have been working with Reiki for three years and have learned much during that time, but I knew from the beginning that I wanted primarily to focus on work with animals. The first book I read was Kathleen's Animal Reiki. This course refines the information in that book and offers opportunities to look at Reiki and practicing with animals and their people in different yet practical ways. It was a lovely, opening experience. Thank you, Kathleen! - Jeanne F., MD

Finding Kathleen's website through one of Kathleen's former students was such a gift. Having worked primarily with people with reiki, expanding abilities to animals was a new opportunity I wanted to explore. Kathleen was quick to respond and support this decision. The animal reiki core curriculum correspondence class gave me opportunities to learn through reading the information, as well as the examples for practice. Volunteering at a local shelter I had open opportunities to practice the recommended skills with amazing outcomes.  Kathleen was always prompt to respond to the written homework assignments, gave great insightful feedback and responses to the questions that came to my mind. Kathleen's gifts of her knowledge and support to provide animals healing comes through with her thoughtful consistent responses. I highly recommend her to you it is exciting to know that what we do as reiki practitioner's can benefit all of gods creatures, big and small. - Pauline CA/HI

Having just completed "The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum", from Kathleen Prasad, I can now highly recommend it to anyone contemplating offering Animal Reiki professionally.  You may think that Animal Reiki is not that different from reiki for humans.  However, through applying the weekly practices, I learned that this is not the case.  I found that the opportunity to work with, and witness the positive impact of reiki on animals, to be not only humbling, but also extremely uplifting.  I have gained the confidence and knowledge that was missing before, and I am now ready to begin offering Animal Reiki for dogs and cats on a professional basis. This course will not only provide you with marvelous insight, but also wonderful support, feedback and encouragement from Kathleen.  Through the weekly practices, you will also be guided to look at those areas in your own life in need of healing, and be reminded of the importance of self-care. In a short space of time, you will have gained sound knowledge and a wonderful base from which to further advance your understanding of animal reiki. - Laura R., Canada

I just completed the basic core course with Kathleen. Each time I offer Reiki, I experience new feelings and observations from the animals. Having Kathleen available for feedback and validation really helps to build confidence so I know I can move ahead with my Reiki  practice. She really takes the time to offer insights designed specifically for each student.  I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in starting out to offer Reiki to animals. I plan to take more of Kathleen's courses. - Phyllis N., PA

This course has been life changing and priceless. The information was both beneficial and easy to follow. I looked forward every week to the information Kathleen provided as well as her weekly feedback and advice. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone looking to begin an Animal Reiki Practice. Thank you Kathleen! - Dianna F., TX

The Animal Reiki Core Curriculum class was an excellent introduction to Animal Reiki.  It has already benefitted not only my animal clients, but also my human clients. Kathleen is an excellent teacher!  The course content as well as her insights and feedback for the exercises, filled in the gaps of my own Reiki training regarding how to work with animal clients (and my human clients as well).  I have been working with my own dogs, and the dogs of friends for years, but prior to this class, I noted inconsistent responses to the Reiki I was giving.  When I applied the principles from the class to my own practice with these same dogs, I saw vast improvements in their responses.  Now I realize that I was pushing Reiki on them not offering it to them – lesson learned!  As Kathleen says, "Let Go, and Let Reiki!"  Thank you Kathleen!  I also recommend using Kathleen's guided Animal Meditations, adapted from Reiki for Dogs, along with the course material. The meditations are powerful tools which enriched the experience greatly for me. – Mark G., Usui/Tibetan Reiki Teacher and Practitioner,  Swiftwater, PA

Kathleen, I appreciate the Core Curriculum Course you put together! It really helped me to focus on the Animals and gave me direction for my future work with Animal Reiki. The course also was of great help- to make the most out of the Animal Reiki Teacher Training at the The Care Foundation. - Anthony W., PA

The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum was a very informative course for anyone interested in animal Reiki.  I am a Master Level Reiki practitioner and have had the goal to work with animals and shelter animals for years.  I was so happy to learn about the core corriculum class because it fit perfectly into my schedule.   The information provided was interesting and informative!  There was more than one "aaahhhaa" moment in the weeks that I worked with Kathleen.  She provides the information and allows you to determine the best method for you and your Reiki, because, as I learned, there's no absolutes or perfect way to do this, it's what comes naturally to each individual.  Kathleen helped me to find my way, and it has made a huge difference in how I approach Reiki with animals and how they accept it.  My confidence level has increased accordingly!  I would recommend this course to Reiki practitioners of any level who are interested in working with animals! - Ann A., RI

Animal Reiki Source’s core curriculum workshop was very informative and helpful on my path towards becoming an animal Reiki healer. Kathleen gave me productive tips on how to give Reiki in a busy, noisy shelter atmosphere so as not to become distracted from my goal of aiding the animals.  I plan to continue with my shelter work and know that Reiki will ease the animals stress and assist in finding their forever homes. Thank you Kathleen for the dedication you bring to helping all animals. - Lany C., FL

Being able to take the correspondence course from Kathleen was one of the most enlightening events in my life. I live in Illinois and was not able to go to Florida to take Kathleen's classes, so when I saw that she was offering a correspondence course online, I was super excited. Beginning with the very first lesson, I learned things I didn't know or expect. And in doing the weekly assignments, each time I was so completely amazed by the results. There were so many things that I learned about myself during the process as well, which I was not expecting at all. I feel so blessed to have Kathleen's knowledge and energy in my life. I've been working on starting my Reiki practice, working on people but wanting/trying to focus on animals as my specialty. Without Kathleen's course, I'm not sure that I would be as effective as I am after learning the things she taught me. There are other teachers out there, I know... but Kathleen is special. Her gifts are amazing, she is amazing - and she helped teach me to be amazing also. I can't thank her enough or praise her enough. - Melissa L., IL

Kathleen has a laid-back, easy going approach to teaching, and a patience that comes with knowledge and an understanding of how to get the best from her students.There is no pressure to do things in a certain way, no right way or wrong way-but YOUR way.Students are allowed the freedom to move at their own pace and find their own ways to work with the energy, so that it is most beneficial to both practitioner and animal.This method of teaching facilitates the best in the student with no pressure to conform to set ritual and structure.You feel that you are learning with, rather than being taught to-pretty much how Kathleen approaches reiki with animals.If it makes us as students feel at ease, then it must work for the animals as well, which is ultimately what we are trying to achieve.

The lessons each week are always on time and are laid out in a clear, concise way that is easy to understand,without being clouded by jargon or mumbo-jumbo.They advocate a simple but effective approach, with various options for students to try as their confidence builds. No question is too trvial or silly, as any question is important to the person asking,and Kathleen replies with a variety of ways to show the student how they can find their own answers, rather than a dogmatic stricture, everyone then finds the best approach for them, creating a comfortable practice. The course lasts long enough to gain sufficient experience and knowledge to give the student the enthusiasm and confidence to carry on, learn more and practice animal reiki to a level that suits them.Her books are also particularly good for students looking for more in-depth information when the course ends, with helpful meditations to calm and connect.

Kathleen truly loves what she does, and it shows, in the way that her students embrace her love and empathy for all animals.She is always available and interested in where your learning with her has taken you.

This is certainly a worthwhile course for those who are unable to attend a 'live' session with Kathleen, as students will still benefit immensely, and I would encourage anyone who has even the slightest interest in animal reiki to take it,as she will more than fire your enthusiasm to 'get out there and reiki!' -  Kirstie B., Scotland

The Animal Reiki Correspondence class was amazing and super informative. It was an eye opening experience that really helped me understand the needs of animals. Kathleen answered all of my questions with great insight, she is truly a blessing. I am now more confident in my abilities to work with animals thanks to this great class.  - J.M., AZ

Kathleen's compassion and individual attention made the correspondence course personal. I learned new ways of offering Reiki to my dogs that also benefited me and helped me learn spiritual lessons from my animals. Thank you, Kathleen! - Christine, R., MA

Kathleen's Animal Reiki workshop by correspondence was just what I needed at this point in my lifelong journey with animals. Coming from a more traditional education in animal health, I wondered how/if Reiki would fit into my world. Kathleen's encouragement inspired me to let go of my reservations and let the animals and Reiki show me the way. Every week I eagerly looked forward to my  lesson and the challenge of trying something new. I was amazed at some of the progress my "practice animals" made in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend this course to anyone involved with animal health/welfare who is looking for a wonderful compliment to traditional methods as well as a deeper connection to the animals in their care. - Regina C, Canada

Having read Kathleen’s books and articles, I knew this would be a good course, but I had no idea how much I would grow as a person and Reiki practitioner/master.  Kathleen made each lesson manageable, easy to follow, and very meaningful. Her responses to the assignments were well thought out and I could tell she really took the time to answer my questions. The information she shared is not something that you just read once for a novice, but something that you will read over and over again as an expert. After taking the Core Curriculum class, I feel refreshed and confident in my Reiki abilities; something that was missing before. I am so grateful for Kathleen, Animal Reiki Source, and this course. I can definitely see myself taking more of her classes. - Amber S., IL

I'm a level 2 Reiki Practioner who had read a couple of Kathleen's books, but this course was definitely an added benefit. It was great to have a lesson and homework assignment each week and get personal feedback on my practice sessions as  well as a chance to get answers to any questions that might have come up. Definitely recommend for anyone interested in doing Animal Reiki! - Ruth M., NY

Learning Animal Reiki from Kathleen via an on-line class was very helpful!  The lessons focused on promoting understanding and skills necessary to successfully offer Reiki to animals.  Offering Reiki to animals is different than offering Reiki to people.  It is amazing what you can learn in 5 lessons!  Kathleen's feedback and guidance regarding the information I wrote about my experiences on the lessons was supportive and instructive.  Taking part in this course gave me confidence and intention to carry forward with offering Reiki to animals as part of my Reiki practice.  The animals (and their humans) who have received Reiki from me are very grateful. I am blessed to have a better understanding of Reiki energy. - Julie B., NY

What a great course and instructor!  As a rusty 2nd degree healer (took quite a bit of time off from doing anything but spot treatments) I was a little hesitant to delve into a correspondence class, but I'm so glad I did.  Kathleen was extremely supportive and patient and gave great guidance.  The coursework is designed so that it's not at all overwhelming and I was eased comfortably into making the shift to working with animals.  And it IS different working with animals - I now understand why my kitties would react the way they did sometimes when I would just go at them with Reiki.  All in all, I'm very pleased with the course and Kathleen! - Michele S., NY

This Animal Reiki Workshop was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken! Kathleen has been very supportive and helpful with helping me understand how to approach animals with Reiki and how to interpret their body language and reactions. She gave me very thoughtful feedback for my practice report every week and answered all my questions clearly and thoroughly, which made my entire learning experience so fulfilling and enjoyable. I really enjoyed this class and would like to thank Kathleen from the bottom of my heart for giving me confidence! - Naomi T., CA

I have been doing Reiki for a number of years and have often been asked to help animals. Knowing that animals were much more aware of healing energies, I wanted to learn the best way in which to help them. I contacted  Kathleen and she quickly helped me in deciding which class that she offers would be best for me. The five week course was very informative and easy to understand. After completing the course, I am much more  confident my approach to animals. Because of Kathleen I am much more aware of the animals' reactions and how that relates to what the animal needs from me. - Gail S., CT

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It is flexible, and Kathleen personally reviews each assignment and sends feedback herself!  She responded to many other concerns I had since at the time my one cat was very sick and finally passed over. I believe the guidance she gave me helped my cat have an easier time during her transition. I hope one day to be able to take an actual class with Kathleen in California. - Kathleen H., FL

I have learned alot in this class, you were great at getting my questions answered and sending out the lessons in a timely manner. You also helped me with some of my insecurities about working with reiki with animals and by helping me with this, it increased my confidence level. I plan on taking some in-person classes with you in the future and look forward to meeting you. - Carol R., CA

I recently had the pleasure of completing the Animal Reiki Core Curriculum Correspondence Course with Kathleen. With Kathleen's user friendly materials, support and encouragement, I have learned some wonderful techniques to use in helping animals heal through Reiki.  The course provided the opportunity to practice many strategies with a variety of animals.  These activities helped to build my confidence and skill in working with animals, and also provided important information to help people better understand the system of Reiki when they bring their pets for healing.  After submitting notes after each weekly practice session, Kathleen responded with feedback that was extremely helpful, as well as full of positive support and great ideas.  I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting and beneficial course and look forward to my work with animals! - Cheryl C., Canada

I have just completed the core curriculum correspondence course with Kathleen. What a wonderful and beneficial course . The information and lessons Kathleen has written are brilliant , I can't believe how much it has helped with my Reiki and given me lots of confidence in what I am doing. I would recommend this course 100%. It has been a privilege to do a course with a teacher as experienced as Kathleen, she has been so understanding and helpful. Many, many thanks Kathleen. - Sarah A., England

I loved reading Kathleen’s books, Animal Reiki and Reiki for Dogs. They opened my eyes to the possibility of using my Reiki training in a way I had never conceived of. Thank you, Kathleen, for that. Then I signed up for the Core Curriculum to get more detailed instructions about the Reiki practice with animals. I am so glad I got Kathleen’s instructions and her insightful explanations. This course is very much “hands on.” It is very practical and helped me to approach my Reiki sessions with dogs in a very relaxed and grounded manner. I had several questions and Kathleen responded quickly to my numerous emails in a very caring and supportive way. Kathleen, thank you so much for the time you spent guiding me to become a better Reiki channel for the animals. And I am sure all the animals that are getting Reiki because of you are also thanking you profoundly! - Chris K., CA

The Animal Reiki Correspondence Course allows the student to move at his/her own pace. The lessons arrive promptly at the beginning of each week; the lessons are detailed, informative, easy to understand, and execute.  Kathleen provides her own unique insight and positive feedback for each assignment that the student sends her via e-mail.  Her expertise as a teacher comes into play as she reads through the results of each homework assignment, and responds to questions and observations with clear, compassionate, and knowledgeable answers.  In her answers and observations, her voice shines through with reassuring suggestions and comments; as students, we benefit from her input, which allows us to go forward, gaining confidence in the world of Animal Reiki Practitioners.The variety of assignments that Kathleen offers in this course will challenge the beginner, as well as those advanced in Reiki skills.  This course encourages students to provide Reiki to a variety of animals in multiple settings.  Students walk away from this class with a greater understanding of how all creatures of nature, both mammals and non-mammals, react to the energy of Reiki.  After this class, students may think and act differently when encountering animals; they may become more respectful of animals on this planet, and regard them in a different light. - Laura H., NH

This workshop gave me a great foundation on how to approach working Reiki with animals.  I've always felt the pull in this direction, and now I feel I now have the tools in my toolkit to move forward with my journey.  I liked the fact that there was no pressure to perform, and that only feedback from the practices was required.  I highly recommend Kathleen's workshops, and I hope to take more in the future. - Sue T., PA

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathleen's online course in animal reiki.  The lessons are full of vital information so we may assist our animals in healing as well as encouraging us to maintain our own spiritual health and awareness.  The replies to my lessons I received from Kathleen were very in depth and helpful and my questions were always answered.  I recommend the course to anyone interested in carrying their reiki blessings to our animal companions. - Stephanie B., MI

I recently took the Animal Reiki core Curriculum by correspondence and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I looked forward to Mondays every week to receive my lesson.  I learned an awful lot from Kathleens' course and feel I grew greatly as a Reiki practitioner.  It was an amazing journey and I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in awareness in their Reiki. - Sheena F., WA

Practicing Reiki with the intention of healing animals is an honor and in this class (Core Curriculum) you learn to actualize it with confidence and joy. The meditation and self-healing aspects are key to the foundation of animal Reiki healing and the experience that comes with practice is invaluable. With Kathleen as your teacher you will find that it is possible to help heal the animals of the world, the ones in your community, and those right next to you. Kathleen is experienced, patient, and encouraging! Thank you for everything. - Claire M., MA

It has been a pleasure to be in touch with Kathleen again. From Reiki I to her Core Curriculum in preparation for Reiki III, I find Kathleen to be such a positive light. Her gentleness and attentiveness bring such peace whether being in her presence or through email. I really appreciate her knowledge, positive reinforcement and reminders about how to work with animals and owners in different situations that come about. I enjoy the meditations and they have become a part of my daily routine. Such a simple way to start the day, but very profound. I am looking forward to continuing with Kathleen and would encourage any person with the desire to be in touch with animals in a truly beautiful and sacred way to take time to be in classes with Kathleen. Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations) - Rachel R., CA

Thanks to Kathleen’s Core Curriculum Correspondence Course, I am moving beyond the mechanics and details of Reiki practice to feeling and trusting the healing connection of Reiki. Before taking this course, I was skeptical, thinking that I would simply learn a few Reiki techniques specific to approaching animals. I didn't have much confidence in my ability to “do” Reiki and didn't think there could be much depth in a correspondence course. However, not only did I learn effective techniques for offering Reiki to animals through Kathleen’s instructions and insightful feedback, I also witnessed wonderful results and became more trusting of and open to the process of Reiki.  I now feel a greater understanding and connection with the universal power of Reiki. This experience for me has been as much about a step in my personal spiritual growth as learning how to offer healing to the animals I have connected with. I would definitely recommend the Core Curriculum Correspondence Course for everyone interested in healing connections with animals. I also highly recommend Kathleen’s new book “Reiki for Dogs”. - Joan B., NY

I'm very glad I attended this course, although I live in Italy. I had this great opportunity and this is very important, because in my country yet these therapies for animals are not well known. There is so much confusion when it comes to Reiki for Animals. The course is well done, plain and simple the concepts are just concepts in mind and come directly to the heart. I am sure that I have found a very deep love even more with all the animals around me. I learned so much and I learned how to let go and treat with Reiki not only pets but also myself. Kathleen, thanks again for your kindness and your professionalism. - Rossella R., Italy

It was exciting receiving Kathleen's comments every week on each lesson! It's a very personalized way to get feedback on my Reiki treatments. Kathleen always helps me see the "bigger Reiki picture" after each treatment so I don't get too bogged down in the minutae.She is very encouraging too! I'm so glad I took the course, it well worth it! - Susan C., CA

Kathleen has a great energy to her.  Her Animal Reiki Correspondence course was exactly what I was looking for.  Each week her instructions were very clear and had all the information that I needed.  It gave me the extra push I needed to go outside my comfort zone and be able to do the Reiki for the animals, and to put myself out there and talk about the benefits of Reiki.  I feel like I am moving forward in this journey I am on and I thank Kathleen and the animals... - Jan M., Canada

I very much enjoyed Kathleen's animal reiki correspondence course. Between reading her books and working with the course material, I have deepened my connection with the reiki energy, and with my own animal companions. At times it felt as if my cats were working in conjunction with Kathleen, to provide practical applications of the lesson for that week. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to provide reiki to our non-human friends and to deepen their own connection with this wonderful healing energy. - Allen Atkinson, Mountain Animal Reiki

The class, Animal Reiki Correspondence Course, has just come to (a) close. I want to take a moment to tell you how much I learned and how much I grew in those 5 short weeks. Each week, the lesson and exercises challenged me to go more deeply into Reiki. The animals in the household are, I believe, living proof of the positive changes that came about as a result of your teaching. You are a wonderful guide and teacher! You remind me of a mother bird who gently helps her young to try their wings, always ready to catch them if they falter. I appreciated the feedback to each practice and how ready you were to answer questions. You are very generous and teach in the true spirit of Reiki. I'm so sorry to see the class end, but am looking forward to continuing my studies with you. Thanks for being you. Blessings. - Emma D., ME

I was very impressed with Kathleen's vast experience and knowledge of giving Reiki to many different types of animals. Her dedication to working with rescue and shelter animals is obviously her passion and such a selfless one.  Although I had been doing Reiki with my own pets and those of my family and friends, her work with thousands of different animals gives her insights that were very helpful and in some cases totally enlightening to me as an animal reiki novice.  I look forward to being able to attend a BrightHaven workshop in the future and expand my hands-on learning with Kathleen. - Cindy W., CA 

I very much enjoyed taking the Animal Reiki course. It was well organized, user-friendly and the practice sessions were very helpful. Although I had been treating people with Reiki for many years, I had never experienced success with animals. From this course, I learned to engage them in the process, read their behavioural communication and interpret their reactions. I now treat animals regularly and often see exciting outcomes. Thank you Kathleen! - Lori, Canada

Kathleen, I have to say that the most important thing was your continual positive support and encouragement.  Your patience in relaying your experiences and information combined with your enthusiastic support and validation of my work was invaluable. - Katt N., NY

I enjoyed Kathleen's Animal Reiki course immensely! It was very straightforward, thought-provoking, interesting and enlightening. I am certain that I made the right choice when I chose to learn Animal Reiki through Animal Reiki Source. - Paula K., MD

I feel blessed to have taken the Animal Reiki course with Kathleen.  I am a Reiki Master and learned all the hand positions etc., but when I got into Kathleen's course, I learned that it is very different with animals.  I learned a lot about how the animals actually teach us and let us know where and when they want the Reiki, if in fact, they even do choose to accept the Reiki energy.  It is all about allowing the animal to come to you, and not so much about going to the animal and putting hands on, as we are accustomed to doing with Reiki when dealing with people.  I have used the techniques and the guidance taught in this course and have seen remarkable results from the animals that I have worked with.  I was able to connect with these wonderful, gentle and unconditional beautiful creatures on an energetic level;, it was amazing, and for that I also feel blessed.  - Michele V., FL

It took me quite a long time to finally decide whether to undertake the Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence. I had read quite a few books on Animal Reiki and was doubtful as to whether I would be provided with any further information that I had not  already gained from my reading. I was also seeking a course that would increase my confidence to start offering Reiki to animals. Well, I decided to take the plunge and I wish that I had not taken so long to decide !!!   This course is the perfect partner to Kathleen's book on Animal Reiki and I gained so much more than I thought I would. I now have the confidence to not only offer Reiki to my own animals but other people's companions as well. What I particularly liked about this course is that Kathleen answered fully every single one of my questions. I was provided with suggestions which I had never considered before that would enhance a Reiki treatment. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone that is considering offering Reiki to animals but needs that extra confidence boost. - Lisa W., United Kingdom

Thank you for your help and support through this course i have learnt a great deal in such a short period of time. this course was just what i needed to help me to fine tune my connection with the animals. i think the biggest thing i learnt was that i had the reiki connection all along what i didnt have was confidence in myself as i didnt think that the reiki was working or that i could be a channel for this healing energy but what i learnt was that it wasnt the reiki it the was the way i was approaching the animals that limited the connection with them. so thank you for showing me the way and the animals were also brillant teachers, they were so patient with me and were also guiding me once i opened up and learned to listen to them. - Leanne D., Australia

Thank you Kathleen for creating the Animal Reiki Correspondence course. I have really enjoyed each lesson as they have guided me to try different approaches in offering Reiki to animals as well as providing ideas on building my confidence plus areas I could consider for expanding my Animal Reiki Practice. I will definitely be paying more attention to 'coincidences' when I am practicing Reiki in the future. - Aileen M., Australia

Kathleen's online Animal Reiki Source's Animal Workshop Course materials are excellent way to learn animal Reiki. The meditations and Reiki practice assignments in the materials helped me understand how to work with animals and people when I am doing animal Reiki. - Bonnie C., CA

Dear Kathleen, the course on Animal Reiki has opened worlds of wonders for me. Thank you for providing such an excellently structured material which I could follow at ease. I am grateful to you for your constant guidance as I would send in my questions and stuff I was struggling with. One of the most wonderful things I learned was how to be mindful and stay in the present while practicing.  The Animal Reiki correspondence  course has given me that much needed confidence to go into the world and talk about Reiki to friends and strangers and practice with a wide variety of animals. And it is such a relief to know that working with animals is so very delightfully simple. They are truly our teachers, we simply follow the way they show us. - Indrani D., India

I signed up for Kathleen's Animal Reiki Workshop via email correspondence and I'm very happy I did!  I received my first level of attunement in March, but  after many weeks of practicing self healing and working with my own animals, I began to feel that I wanted more guidance in the way of exercises and feedback about what I was discovering or struggling with.  I like to say that Reiki found me, as well as helped me find Kathleen's website!  Kathleen's writing is easy to follow and understand and her feedback was always positive and supportive.  After the five weeks, I felt much more comfortable in my ability and desire to offer Reiki to many different animals, not just my own animal companions and I'm eager to work with many more, whatever type of animal comes along! - Stephanie B., WA

The Animal Reiki Correspondence class was everything I had hoped and expected it to be! :)  I have always felt that Kathleen Prassad was the premier authority on Animal Reiki, and I was thrilled to see that her class proved just that!  The course work was easy to follow and gave plenty of information about the hows, whats and whys of Animal Reiki!  I really appreciated all the feedback after each lesson! After finishing the class, I felt like I had more confidence and validiation as an Animal Reiki Practitioner! I highly recommended this course!! - HC, Arizona

THANK YOU! thank you, thank you, thank you, 600 times over ( when my 7 year old son wants to describe the biggest number he can think of, he comes up with 600 ). Kathleen, this course has been amazing for me. Your guidance and feedback have given my practice the tweaks I needed. With just a little shift in focus I have accomplished so much over these past weeks. Now I feel so much more clear in my own daily practice, and even more wonderfully, confident in my animal reiki interactions. - SS, Canada

Doing this e-course has been like reading an interative novel that you just don't want to put away. I have learned so much, and am so happy I have chosen to work with animals.  They are such wonderful little ones to work with, so open, accepting and suprising. I have loved every minute of it. I will continue to build on what I have learnt from your guidance and grow as a healer. I cannot thank you enough for all the knowledge you have shared, and the gift you have helped me develop. Thank you so much Kathleen. - Ann T., Australia

The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum by Correspondence was an amazing experience and I got so much more out of it than I thought I would. Aside from learning tips on how to perform Reiki on animals, understanding their body language and so forth -  this course deepened my bond with my own dog and cat ten-fold. I really came to see and feel how truly spiritual animals are; how they truly understand the healing energy of Reiki and how forgiving and compassionate they are towards humans. I'm in Canada and Kathleen's knowledge and insights she shared with me with each lesson made me feel like I was taking it one on one with her in person...very cool! Every lesson was priceless and totally worth it! Thank you. - SC, Canada

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your on-line Animal Reiki Course. I gained much information on the correct way to approach animals and how to understand their actions and act accordingly.  Your suggestions and positive feedback have been very helpful. It was just like talking to a friend. The course has increased my confidence in treating animals.  The results with my own animals are amazing (both dogs and cats).  I've even seen some interesting results with wildlife in our area.  I'm looking forward to helping many more animals (and their parents) in the future. I would recommend your course to anyone interested in learning more about Animal Reiki. Thanks again for such a positive learning experience. - Sandy E., PA

I recently completed the core curriculum Animal Reiki correspondence course with Kathleen and can honestly say that it was inspiring, empowering, stimulating and enlightening.  I learnt so much, particularly about the central role and the rights of the animal.  The course has given me the confidence and knowledge to go forward and offer Reiki to all animals. - SW, England

The course definitely wasn’t long enough and left me wanting more! : )  I liked how each assignment