Animal Reiki Source Academy

Online and On-Site Animal Reiki Training with Kathleen Prasaad

The Animal Reiki Source Academy

Where Animal Reiki Ambassadors Are Born!


Do you have a passion to help animals in need?

Do you want to explore heart to heart healing with animals?

Are you ready to gain the experience and confidence you need
to be able to share the gift of Reiki with animals and their people?

The Animal Reiki Source Academy is here to help!

The Animal Reiki Source Academy is the educational training center of Animal Reiki Source and offers a variety of inspiring learning options by Kathleen Prasad, including on-site, hands-on training workshops and online courses.

You can also learn animal reiki at your own pace through Kathleen Prasad’s audios and books. Kathleen is considered the world’s leading teacher of animal Reiki. Her unique methods are used with great success by thousands of animal lovers around the world. Kathleen’s gentle and respectful approach can support even the most sensitive animals and people.

Kathleen considers all her students to be Animal Reiki Ambassadors, but if you take an on-site workshop or an online course, you will also be invited to join SARA, The Shelter Animal Reiki Association. SARA supports its members to go out into the community and assist rescue organizations with animal Reiki sessions and staff/volunteer training.

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Check Out These Academy Training Offerings

Guided Meditations for All Animal Lovers and All Levels of Reiki Practitioners:

Classes for both Reiki Practitioners new to Animal Reiki and Animal Lovers without formal Reiki certification:

Beginning Classes for Reiki Practitioners:

Intermediate Classes for Reiki Practitioners:

Intermediate Audios:

Advanced Classes for Reiki Practitioners:

Advanced Audios:

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