5 reiki precepts

The 5 Reiki Precepts

The secret for inviting happiness through many blessings

The spiritual medicine for all illness

For today only:

  • Do not anger
  • Do not worry
  • Be humble
  • Be honest in your work
  • Be compassionate to yourself and others

                        Do gassho every morning and evening

                        Keep them in your mind and recite them for improvement of mind and body

Mikao Usui, founder of the system of Reiki, believed the precepts to be important guides to spiritual development and healing. Finding ways to connect with them in daily life is a great way to support one's inner growth.

In addition, animals can be wonderful teachers of living in balance and harmony. Learning to observe how animals live by the precepts is a great way to remain mindful of them in our own lives, and can in turn assist us in living in harmony and balance.

Click  audio-button-gr to listen to a free 30-minute audio class on how the 5 Reiki Precepts can help you help your animals.



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